In the News… UVA Medical Design Program

March 12, 2018 by

Med Students Partner with Architects to Benefit Patients

R.J. Canterbury, MD, MS, DLFAPA
Published on March 5, 2018
UVA School of Medicine: Dean’s Blog


The Medical Design Program is headed by faculty members, Matt Trowbridge MD MPH, David Chen MBA, and Erik Hewlett MD, and by team members, Alexandra Vagonis and Alex Gregor. They work with medical students and fellows to address patient care issues through human centered design (HCD). Their structured program involves empathetic understanding, prototyping of products and services to meet needs, and using an interdisciplinary approach to create systems-based solutions. A practical application of this program¬†is addressing uncomfortable and challenging environments, both inside and outside of a hospital, as well as mitigating patient concerns through improved communication and the use of interactive devices. Many of the students and fellows who have participated in the workshops and projects have reported using design thinking in other aspects of their education and professional development. To learn more about the program and a current project, head over to the Dean’s Blog.