Grand Rounds 2021-2022

Endocrinology Grand Rounds:
2021-2022 Schedule

Tuesdays 12:00-1:00 PM
Currently Virtual Lectures

08/17Stephen Rich, PhD, FAHA - UVAType 1 Diabetes: Genomics and Beyond
CME Code: 141673
08/24 Richard Santen, MD - UVACurrent Status of Androgen Therapy in Men
CME Code#: 141709
08/31Zhenqi Liu, MD - UVAMuscle Insulin Action & Resistance: A tale of the microvasculature
CME Code#: 141710
09/07Jen Kirby, MD, PhD - UVAThe Future of Treatments for Obesity: Are We Finally Tipping the Scale?
CME Code#:141711
09/14Mary Lee Vance, MD - UVACushing's Disease: Diagnosis and Treatments
CME Code#: 141712
09/21Sue Brown, MD - UVAAutomated Insulin Delivery Systems: Update on Current Technologies and Future Directions.
CME Code#: 141713
09/28Susan Kirk, MD - UVACaring for the Gender Expansive Patient.
CME Code#: 141714
10/05Heather Ferris, MD, PhD - UVA Managing Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes Patients: An Update..
CME Code#: 141715
10/12Chris McCartney, MD - UVANeuroendocrinology of Nascent Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.
CME Code#: 141716
10/19Meg Stumpf, MD - UVATransplant Endocrinology.
CME Code#: 141674
10/26Robert Carey, MD, MACP - UVAHypertension Updates
CME Code#: 141717
11/02No EGR No EGR
11/09Susan Samson, MD, PhD - Mayo Clinic Jacksonville FL - Special Joint EGR with VCU [Virtual] Opportunities for a Personalized Approach for the Treatment of Persons with Acromegaly.
CME Code#: tba
11/16Alan Dalkin, MD and Ben Horton, MD - UVA Development, Implementation and Use of the Endocrine In-Training Exam: Implications for Predicting Success with ABIM Board Certification.
CME Code#: tba
11/23Irina Bochkis, PhD - UVAFoxa2 in Endocrinology: activation of bile acid and cholesterol receptors FXR and LXR.
CME Code#: tba
11/30Helmy Siragy, MD - UVAAdrenal Incidentaloma: Wisely Opening Pandora's Box.
CME Code#: tba
12/7Paul Yates, MD, PhD - UVAThe Travails of Pericytes in Retinal Vascular Disease.
CME Code#: tba
12/14No EGR Endo Faculty Meeting
12/21No EGR Holiday
12/28No EGR Holiday

01/4Ritu Madan, MBBS, MD - VCUDiabetes in Pregnancy.
CME Code#: tba
01/11Rita Kalyani, MD, MHS - Johns HopkinsSarcopenia in Diabetes and Aging.
CME Code#: tba
01/18No EGR No EGR
01/25Guest Speaker rescheduled to 6/21/22n/a
02/01No EGR Endo Faculty Meeting
02/08Kristy Brown, PhD - Weill Cornell Obesity Increases Breast Cancer Penetrance in BRCA Mutation Carriers: A role for local factors.
CME Code#:
02/15 Lale Kostakoglu-Shields, MD, MPH - UVA Nuclear Medicine Imaging for Endocrine Disorders.
CME Code#:
02/22 Andy Basu, MD - UVAtba
CME Code #:
03/01No EGREndo Faculty Meeting
03/08Charles Farber, PhD - UVAHuman and Mouse approaches to Unravel the Genetics of Osteoporosis
CME Code #:
03/15Lado Bakhutashvili, MD - UVA Endo Fellow Nutritional Management of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes
CME Code#:
03/22Matthew Gorris, MD - Wake Forest Molecular/Genetic Testing of Thyroid Nodules: Implications for management and prognosis.
CME Code #:
03/29 Ronak M. Patel, MD - UVA Endo Fellow Disparities in Diabetes
CME Code #:
04/05No EGR Endo Faculty Meeting
04/12Teresa Hillier, MD, MS - Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research - Special UVA Thorner Lectureship 2022Diabetes and Pregnancy.
CME Code#:
04/19Janice McMillan, MD - UVA Endo Fellow Endocrine Issues in Anorexia Nervosa
CME Code #:
04/26Jacqueline Jonklaas, MD, PhD - Georgetown U - Special UVA Dunn Lectureship 2022Update on Therapy for Hypothyroidism: Consideration of Combination Therapy
CME Code #:
05/03Sarah Lee, MD - UVA Endo Fellow Dyslipidemia in Diabetes - Statins and Beyond
CME Code #:
05/10Nawar Suleman, MD
UVA Endo Fellow
Perioperative Management of Cushing Disease
CME Code #:
05/17Woderyelesh Kassa, MD - UVA Endo FellowLipid Management in Patients with Endocrine Disorders
CME Code #:
05/24No EGREndo Faculty Meeting
05/31Gary Hammer, MD, PhD - U of Michigan - Special UVA Crispell Lectureship 2022Adrenal Carcinoma: What's New Today - Where is Hope Tomorrow
CME Code #:
06/07ADA Conference
06/14ENDO Society
06/21No EGR Endo Faculty Meeting
06/28No EGREndo Faculty Meeting