Research in Progress

Research in Progress 2022- 2023 Schedule

10/11Dr. Thurl Harris"Dynamic changes in adenosine receptors in the fasting/feeding cycle"
10/25Dr. Donal O'Shea"Regulation of Body Weight by the Immune System - implications for the causes and prevention of medication induced weight change"
11/08Dr. Andrea Dunaif
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Presenting at 3:00
“Resolving the Heterogeneity of Complex Traits”
11/22Dr. Heather Ferris"Inceptor, a novel regulator of insulin signaling"
12/13Daniel Cox, PhD, AHPP"GEM: An Innovative Lifestyle Intervention to Reduce Glucose Excursions with the Use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring to Educate, Motivate, and Activate Adults with Type 2 Diabetes"
01/10Uta Erdbruegger, MD"Extracellular vesicles, vascular function and insulin sensitivity"
01/24Andy Basu, MD and Leon Farhi, PhD"Interactions between the Diabetes Technology Clinic and the Center for Diabetes Technology and New Collaborative Opportunities"
02/07Stephanie Seminara, MD
Kenneth R. Crispell Lecturer - Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard
"Genetics of Hypogonadism" at 3:00pm
02/14Shannon Macauley, PhD
Wake Forest School of Medicine
"Metabolic disruption is associated with sleep impairment in Alzheimer's disease"
02/28Norbert Leitinger, PhD"Targeting oxidized phospholipids in cardiometabolic disease"
03/14Rachel Perry, PhD
Yale School of Medicine
“Identifying a New Metabolic Driver for Renal Cell Carcinoma.”
03/28Silas Culver, MD"The role of ATP6AP2 in renal proximal tubule lipid metabolism"
04/11William Horton, MDCancelled
04/18Elizabeth Pearce, MD
Boston Medical Center
"Iodine and the Thyroid" - seminar at 3:00
05/09Robert Carey, MD"Hormonal Regulation of Pressure-Natriuresis"
05/23Susanna Keller, MD and Jordan Reed"Gene and Diet Mediated Modifications of Nutrient Distribution and Metabolism"
05/30Scott Kilianski, PhD"Epilepsy and Metabolism: How glucose influences seizure activity through the energy-sensing enzyme AMPK"