Fitness TestsCommunity Rates
Body Composition and Metabolism Tests
Bod Pod (provides percent body fat, fat mass and fat free mass)$98.00
Repeat Bod Pod$66.00
Supervised training/consultation$98.00 hourly rate
Girth Measurements$9.90
Resting metabolism measurement$98.00
Bike test with VO2 max$176.00
Treadmill test with VO2 max$176.00


Researcher Cost
Resting Metabolism Measures
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Diameters (structural)
please contact us
Segmental Forearm Volumes
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Physical Activity Questionnaire
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6 minute walk
please contact us
please contact us
Bike or Treadmill CPETplease contact us
Bike or treadmill CPET with lactate measures
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Ankle Brachial Index
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Project Consultation and Assistance - per hour
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Supervised Training-per hour (minimum of 1 hour)
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Supervised exercise session with metabolismplease contact us
Supervised exercise session with metabolism and lactate measuresplease contact us
Additional Lab Time - per hour
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Lactate or Glucose Measurements
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Autonomic heart rate variability testingplease contact us
Industry-sponsored study: required staff training or certification (per hour, per staff)please contact us
6 minute walk with OPALSplease contact us
Supervised exercise with EKG monitoringplease contact us