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Get Fit. Stay Fit. Fine-tune. Tweak.

runner completing a raceKnowing your current level of fitness and health is the first step in developing a plan for improvement. Visit the UVA Exercise Physiology Core Lab to..

  • Learn how many calories your body burns at rest (resting metabolism)
  • Assess your body composition
  • Establish a baseline fitness level for future fitness goals
  • Find out your maximum heart rate
  • Use this information to tailor your exercise program

We work with everyone from elite athletes to people just starting an exercise program. Use data to develop a plan, train smarter, and perform better.

Making an appointment

  • Email Lisa Farr or call (434) 982-3565 to make an appointment or get further information
  • Directions to the Exercise Physiology Laboratory are available here.
  • Prices are listed in iLab We do not bill insurance.

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