Resource Statement

The Exercise Physiology Core Lab provides a range of services to researchers whose studies involve the science of exercise and metabolism in humans. Located in the Collins Wing of Hospital West, the three lab spaces offer treadmills, bikes, and metabolic equipment with EKG and oxygen saturation measurement, as well as hallway space for functional tests such as a 6 minute walk. Studies may schedule with the lab for VO2 peak testing, body composition measurement, resting metabolic studies, and supervised exercise sessions that might involve EKG supervision, a metabolic mask, or lactate measures. Tests are typically performed before and after an intervention, such as new medication, cardiac device, cancer therapy, or exercise training program. Supervised exercise is often used to provide in depth subject instruction re: specific exercise parameters, such as intensity, and/or to help with compliance to a program.   In addition to testing services, the lab staff can assist a study with subject recruitment, exercise oversight, protocol development, and data entry.