Frequently Asked Questions

Do you bill insurance?

No.  The community tests that we conduct are paid out of pocket. Credit card and check are accepted.

I have had some symptoms I am worried about when exercising.  Can I come there and have an exercise test to get checked out?

No, we do not perform clinical/diagnostic testing at this level.  You should set up an appointment with your physician.  If he/she thinks you need an exercise test, you will be referred to one of the clinical exercise testing labs and/or a Cardiologist.  These labs perform the test, enter your test results into the electronic medical record, bill insurance, and have a physician present in case of an emergency.

The testing that we conduct in our lab is only for exercise prescription purposes.  The test will provide you with information re: your fitness level and maximal heart rate.  Since this is not a clinical lab performing diagnostic testing, we do not bill insurance.

Do I need to be fasted for my tests?

If you are having the resting metabolism test you need to be fasted with no caffeine and no exercise (ideally for 12 hours).

For the Bod Pod, you cannot eat for 3 hours prior to a Bod Pod test.

You do not need to be fasted for exercise testing, though we would advise against a heavy meal prior to the test.