Department of Biology

Paul N. Adler

Adler, Paul N.

Planar signaling, polarity and morphogenesis.

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Antonovics, Janis

Epidemiology of infectious disease in natural populations

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Bauerle, Ronald H.

Structure, Function and Evolution of Allosteric Enzymes

George S. Bloom

Bloom, George S.

Pathogenic mechanisms in Alzheimer's Disease and other neurodegenerative disorders

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Brodie, Edmund D.

Ecology and evoluionary biology, natural selection, predatory and antipredator adaptations of reptiles and amphibians.

John  Campbell

Campbell, John

The Neurobiology of Energy Balance

Jianhua  Cang

Cang, Jianhua

Mouse Visual System, physiology, functional imaging, genetics, molecular, behavioral, and computational methods

Barry G. Condron

Condron, Barry G.

Regulation and Function Serotonergic Neurons During Development

Claire R. Cronmiller

Cronmiller, Claire R.

Genetic Regulation of Morphogenesis and Reproduction in Drosophila

Christopher  Deppmann

Deppmann, Christopher

Elucidating and Understanding the Mechanisms Underlying Nervous System Development