Category: Graduate students

Dr. Kelley McQueeney graduates


Kelley McQueeney successfully defended her PhD thesis and will graduate with her PhD from UVA this May. We wish her well in her postdoctoral studies at Harvard and the Dana…

Graduate student Sumera Noreen departs


We were delighted to have Sumera Noreen, who is a graduate student at the Institute of Chemistry at the University of the Punjab in Lahore Pakistan, visit with us for…

Kelley McQueeney wins the 2015 Robert Haynes Award


Congratulations to Kelley for winning the 2015 Department of Pharmacology Robert Haynes Award

Kelley McQueeney Fellowship


Kelley McQueeney received an 8th percentile on her NIH Predoctoral Fellowship on PTP4A3, which means it is very likely to be funded. This is a wonderful accomplishment.