Cell Sorter Training Course Description

Lecture topics will include:

  • Review of basic flow principles
  • Cell Sorter Subsystems
  • Sorting Components
  • Sorting Optimization
  • Biosafety

Lab will include:

  • Instrument fluidics, start-up, cleaning, and shutdown
  • Calibration
  • Sort setup and templates
  • Setting up sort streams and deflection
  • Compensation and sort gates
  • Sorting optimization
  • Sorting and Purity
  • Troubleshooting
  • Cleanup


  • Must have completed UVA Introductory Flow Cytometry Course.
  • Can operate a flow cytometer independently within the Flow Core.
  • Has an excellent understanding of components necessary for the optimization of flow cytometry experiments.
  • Has previously prepared samples for cell sorting by flow core staff.
  • Shows a need for self-sorting or after-hours sorting.

*Flow Core Staff will review all requests prior to acceptance into course.

Additional training details:

Assisted Individual Sorts:
After the group training is completed you will schedule individual sorting appointments through iLab. The initial two sorts will be under the full supervision of flow core staff.  (Billed as an assisted staff operated sort)

Subsequent Sorts:
You will continue to schedule sorting appointments through iLab with supervised flow core staff. Flow core staff will help you with all questions that might arise during the sorting operation. With each additional scheduled sort, flow core staff will continue to reduce their presence to a point where you will be able to independently operate the cell sorter.  Staff will continue to be present for technical trouble shooting, sorting optimization, and biosafety. (Billed at a reduced assisted rate)

After-Hours User:
Operators will be required to have performed a minimum of 5 sorts “independently” without supervision of flow core staff.  With approval of flow core staff, an after-hours sorting exam will be given.  Exam will include fundamentals of cell sorting and troubleshooting techniques.  With successful completion of exam, you will have the ability to schedule time after-hours with 24-7 access, designation as a “UVA Flow Core Power User”.