Career Paths & Testimonials

Career Paths

The Primary Care Track is intentionally designed to promote an eclectic array of career choices for its participants, ranging from academia to private practice. Many residents remain in general internal medicine, whether purely outpatient, inpatient, or both, while others choose generalist-leaning subspecialties, particularly Geriatrics and Palliative Care, or outpatient-intensive subspecialties such as Endocrinology.

The chart at right depicts recent career choices of Primary Care Track graduates.


Having just completed residency, I am very thankful that I chose the primary care program. I enjoyed all of the primary care rotations and appreciated the extra outpatient time to further my skills in ambulatory procedures and primary care education. Most of all, working under the guidance of Dr. Andrew Wolf, the primary care track director, made working, learning and growing throughout residency a tremendously fun experience.
Andrea Smith, MD, Geriatrics Fellow, Baylor College of Medicine

Internal Medicine residency and the Primary Care Track at UVA laid the foundation for a successful career in academic medicine. I can’t think of a time when I learned so much in such a short amount of time. UVA faculty served as strong mentors in my development of clinical and research skills as well as career development. In this supportive environment, I was able to grow personally and professionally. Dr. Wolf, in particular, was instrumental in teaching me to care for patients longitudinally – with a biopsychosocial approach, attending to patients’ medical needs while understanding their perspective and values.
Rene Claxton, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Program Director, Hospice and Palliative Care Fellowship Program, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

The Primary Care Track at UVA was an obvious choice for me after medical school, because I wanted exposure to an array of community and academic primary care in addition to office procedures and women’s health. The track did indeed give me the exposure I wanted, but the greatest advantage was getting to be part of a small group of residents who shared a common goal and an excellent mentor in Dr. Wolf. Thanks to this program, I am now comfortable and happy in my new attending shoes at a great primary care practice.
Diane Barros, MD, Northridge Internal Medicine, Charlottesville, VA

My training in UVA’s Primary Care Internal Medicine Program combined all of the aspects necessary to develop into a general internist with a strong foundation in clinical skills, patient care and systems-based practice, including how to succeed in an academic career. The ability to tailor the curriculum to my personal career goals, and the support provided by the faculty really helped me reach my dream of practicing as an Academic General Internist. Following graduation, I felt capable of dealing with many presenting complaints in both the inpatient and outpatient settings independently. Furthermore, the skills that I gained in medical education, including the ability to conduct medical education research, have helped me continue in leadership positions within Academic General Internal Medicine.
Lisa C. Martinez, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL

During residency I had multiple interests, ranging from outpatient primary care to critical care. I ultimately settled somewhere in the middle and chose an academic hospitalist position. The primary care track was a great way to see multiple aspects of internal medicine to help me make my decision, and Dr. Wolf served as an excellent mentor along the way. Thanks to the flexibility of the track I have felt well prepared for my career!
Kacie Saulters, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Associate Program Director, Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, Washington, DC