ABIM Research Track

For applicants who have extensive research interests and academic subspecialty career goals, we offer an ABIM Research Pathway. This pathway consists of two years of internal medicine training in the categorical track, followed by at least three years of mentored research training and an additional one or more years of clinical training in a subspecialty. Ongoing continuity clinic experience is required during the research years.

Distinctive Features

Specific requirements may vary among the subspecialties (see more information in the links below). ABIM research pathways are offered in these subspecialties:

The research pathway is appropriate for candidates with a strong research background (usually indicated by a master’s degree or PhD) who want to pursue their research interests in a more intensive fashion than is possible in a traditional residency program.

Financial Support

During the clinical years, trainees are provided with an annual stipend of $2,500 to cover books and equipment, and an additional travel stipend of $1,500 a year. During the three research years, their base salary is supplemented by an additional $15,000 per year. This supplement is increased to $20,000 during the last year of training if the trainee submits a K award or similar career development grant.


Applicants to the ABIM Research Pathway should review the application criteria for all applicants (see Application section of the residency program website) as these criteria also apply to candidates for the ABIM Research Pathway.

In addition to, and simultaneous with, the ERAS residency application, applicants should submit a letter of interest for the particular subspecialty area describing their particular research interests and unique interest in UVA’s program to Brian Uthlaut, MD, Residency Program Director. This information can be helpful in identifying faculty for the subspecialty interview.

Applicants will be notified by the program if they are invited to interview for the ABIM Research Pathway. An additional interview day is arranged for the day following the residency interview and provides an opportunity to meet with faculty in the chosen subspecialty. Trainees in the ABIM Research Pathway program are guaranteed support for their clinical training years and three years of research training. During their research years, trainees are encouraged to seek outside funding to facilitate their transition to independent researchers.

For further information about the ABIM Research Pathway, please read more at the ABIM website.

If you need additional information, please contact:
Brian Uthlaut, MD, Residency Program Director or
Bill Petri, MD, DOM Vice Chair for Research

The Internal Medicine Residency Recruitment Office may be contacted at 434-924-2408 or via email at imresidency@virginia.edu.