Fellowships & Electives

Anesthesiology Education and Research FellowshipFullORLap

The Department of Anesthesiology offers a one-year Education and Research Fellowship to highly qualified applicants.  The fellowship is based in the simulation center with emphasis on 1) development of the fellow as a simulation educator, 2) curricula and/or educational technology development and implementation by the fellow, and 3) publication of the fellow’s work.  The fellow will be directly supervised by Dr. Littlewood, but will interact with a variety of educators, clinicians, simulation specialists, and engineers as required by the fellow’s research.  The goal of the fellowship is to provide the foundation of a career in simulation education and research.

Medical Education Fellowship

The Department of Emergency Medicine offers a one-year Fellowship in Medical Education.  The fellowship aims to provide teaching experience, opportunities for innovative research, and leadership for residency graduates.  The fellows are highly involved in the activities of the Medical Simulation Center.  Responsibilities include: case design, scenario facilitation, and procedure workshop development and instruction for the Emergency Medicine Residency Program.

Medical Toxicology FellowshipKEL_HPS

The Division of Medical Toxicology of the Department of Emergency Medicine offers a two-year Fellowship in Medical Toxicology.  The fellowship curriculum includes the use
innovative technologies for teaching in an active learning environment aimed to enhance the clinical experience. Fellow involvement with the Medical Simulation Center expands the medical toxicology educational programming and complements more traditional teaching methods.

Medical Simulation Fellowship

  • Raymond Hicks (Anes): 2010-2011
  • Vaia Abatzis (Anes): 2014-2014

Resident Elective in Medical SimulationCLOldCenter

  • David Rylak (EM 2006): December 2005
  • Trey Allen (EM 2006): February 2006
  • Ed Walsh (EM 2007): May 2006
  • Ruth Barron (Anes 2007): Spring 2007
  • Steve Beasley (EM 2008): Spring 2008
  • Brent Ellison (Anes 2012): Fall 2008

Medical Student Research Program

Reed Poole (SOM 2007): Fall 2006
Developed pilot module on pulmonary artery catheter insertion for medical students

Thomas Hartka (SOM 2010): Summer 2007
Authored scenarios addressed to teach and evaluate ACGME core competencies

Justin Haller (SOM 2010): Summer 2007Intubate
Created scenarios to assess simulation as a tool to teach pharmacology and toxicology principles

Bassem Ghali (SOM 2013): Summer 2010
Designed scenario used in team training of crisis management in laparoscopic surgery study and built unique, portable manikin  attachment for surgical practice in the pilot phase of this project

Matthew Clements (SOM 2014): Summer 201
Evaluated teamwork measurement tools for use during team training in an Operating Room crisis simulation

Alexander Bitzer (SOM 2015): Summer 2012

Janice McMillian (SOM 2015): Summer 2012