Toxicology Fellowship

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Rotators learning wilderness rescue techniques against the beautiful backdrop of the local Blue Ridge Mountains

Rotators learning wilderness rescue techniques against the beautiful backdrop of the local Blue Ridge Mountains

  • Located in beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia, ranked #5 in best places to live in America and America’s 3rd happiest place
  • Robust consult service that manages about 400 patients annually
  • Located at a single hospital, which minimizes commute time and maximizes learning
  • Fully GME funded without a shift requirement
  • Open to graduates of all types of residencies. Past fellows include EM, IM, and Pediatric backgrounds
  • Fellows are encouraged to moonlight in their primary specialty to maintain clinical skills
  • The Blue Ridge Poison Center is based at UVA. Fellows are involved in managing approximately 2,000 cases per year at the close to 50 hospitals in our coverage area
  • Faculty with a passion for teaching with weekly board review didactics with fellows



How to Apply

  • Applications are accepted through ERAS or
  • Email the fellowship director with a CV, personal statement or letter of interest, and three letters of recommendation

Nathan Charlton, MD
Director, Medical Toxicology Fellowship Program

Phone: (434) 924-5185
Fax: (434) 971-8657


  • Faculty dedicated to teaching
  • Robust bedside and poison center clinical exposure
  • Wilderness medicine integrated into the fellowship
  • Multiple research opportunities for fellows with mentorship
  • Forensic toxicology and expert witness training

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Located in central Virginia, Charlottesville is the home of the University of Virginia. This historic University was the nation’s first public university, founded in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson. Rich in history, Charlottesville is also the home of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, James Monroe’s Ash Lawn-Highland and in close proximity to James Madison’s home, Montpelier. Charlottesville is surrounded by beautiful scenery with nearby access to Shenandoah National Park and numerous recreational activities. Charlottesville and the University bring cultural and sporting events to the area, with music, food, and outdoor activities making it consistently ranked as one of the top places to live in America.

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