Toxicology Rotation

For Residents, Fellows, and Students (medical, pharmacy)

Approximately 150 residents and students complete a two to four-week medical toxicology rotation each year.

The rotation provides a strong foundation of knowledge of the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic poisoning. Read more about the topics covered during the rotation. For medical students, the course is elective #1305.

For Nursing Students

The Blue Ridge Poison Center receives more than 20,000 calls each year; all calls are answered by a nurse with additional training and certification by the American Association of Poison Control Centers.

The student nurse will observe exposure and information calls being handled at the Blue Ridge Poison Center, including how calls are triaged and managed. They will also learn the role of the poison center in patient care, including the importance of local, state, and national data collection. They may attend toxicology rounds at UVA hospital and review hospital cases being currently managed at other healthcare facilities in our region.