Wilderness Medicine Curriculum

Wilderness Medicine: Lecture TopicTime
Airway and Pain Management1 hour
Avalanche Awareness1 hour
Ballistics, Hunting and Fishing Injuries4 hours
Climbing Gym / Basics of climbing4 hours
Clothing / Gear Selection1.5 hours
Dive medicine1 hour
High altitude medicine1 hour
Hymenoptera / Anaphylaxis1 hour
Hyperthermia0.75 hours
Hypothermia/Cold Injury0.75 hours
Knot tying / litter lecture/practical3 hours
Landing Zone Coordination1 hour
Lightning injuries & prevention0.75 hours
Lost at Sea1 hour
Marine Envenomations1 hour
Orienteering Lecture1 hour
Orienteering Practical3 hours
Search & Rescue1 hour
Shelter and Fire making3 hours
Simulation wilderness scenarios3 hours
Snake Envenomation1 hour
Spider Envenomation0.75 hours
Splinting, Spine Immobilization, Evacuation, Low angle rescue4 hours
Submersion Injury0.75 hours
Tick borne diseases1 hour
Toxic Plants / Mushrooms1 hour
Travel Medicine1 hour
Water Purification1 hour
Water Rescue lecture / practical3 hours
Wintergreen Rock Climbing6 hours
Wound Care/ Medical Kits1 hour