Mindful Eating

Class Description

The Mindful Eating Class is designed to help people alter their behavior and improve their relationship to food, eating and their bodies. With mindfulness as the foundation, the class will provide participants with the tools, understanding and practices to alter unhealthy behavior, thoughts, and habits that are at the root of mindless over-eating, binge eating, and body dissatisfaction.

The goal of the course is to assist participants in developing long-term, sustainable practices that support a healthful approach to eating and food-related thoughts and behavior.  The practices taught in the class are designed to enable a more peaceful relationship with food, eating and one’s body by disrupting the vicious cycles that chronic dieting and binge eating tend to perpetuate.

Because the class is interactive and experiential, it is essential that participants be “fully present” for class. Therefore, a computer or other personal device that has both audio and video capability is necessary and students should plan to attend all 8 classes.

You can expect to be both challenged and supported in this class as you endeavor to make healthy, sustainable changes.

Topics we will explore:

  • Diet culture: why restrictive diets are counter-productive.
  • The causes and conditions that give rise to the development of disordered eating and food/body struggles.
  • The Health at Every Size (H.A.E.S.)® model of health.
  • How emotional triggers contribute to mindless/emotional eating.
  • How Self Compassion practices are key in altering unhealthy behaviors.
  • Removing barriers to exercise and shifting to movement that is joyful.
  • The interconnection of earth, living beings and cultural practices and the impact of food choices on these systems.

You will learn how to:

  • Practice formal and informal methods of mindfulness.
  • Incorporate mindful eating into your daily life.
  • Combat Internalized body/weight shaming and self-criticism.
  • Disrupt the vicious cycles of restrictive dieting and over-indulgence.
  • Work with difficult emotions and “surf the waves” of craving.
  • Use Inner and Outer Wisdom to build healthy habits.
  • Navigate medical appointments and unsolicited diet advice.
  • Begin to make peace with the body you were born with.


Mindfulness Eating Class FAQs

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Fall 2024 Class starts September 23, 2024

Location: Live online via Zoom
Your instructor has requested that video monitors be present for the entire class.

Registration Here:
Date: September 23 – November 11, 2024
Time: 5:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time

Register Online then pay here: Pay Online via UVA EPay

Cost: $325.00
Please pay more, if you can, to help support those less able to pay. Thank you.
$225 – reduced rate
$325 – standard rate
$425 – supporting rate

Instructor: Barbara Maille

Barbara Maille, LCSW