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Alban Gaultier and Ioana Marin find new way to reverse depressive symptoms

Alban Gaultier and Ioana Marin have discovered a fascinating new use for Lactobacillus, a probiotic found in live-culture yogurt: reversing depressive symptoms and in a larger sense, highlighting a link between mental health and gut. Check out the article on UVA Today, and video of the discovery below. Congratulations!!

Antoine Louveau earns LE&RN Postdoctoral Fellowship Award

Congratulations are in order for Antoine Louveau in the Kipnis Lab, who recently was awarded a 2016 LE&RN Postdoctoral Fellowship Award for his project “Regulation of Brain Homeostasis by the Meningeal Lymphatic Vasculature”. For more information on his project and the LE&RN Fellowship, check out the announcement here.

Tony Filiano publishes breakthrough in Nature

Congratulations to Tony Filiano, Research Associate in the Kipnis Lab, who published his paper “Unexpected role of interferon-γ in regulating neuronal connectivity and social behavior” in Nature. To read his article and learn more about his impressive work, visit the Nature Journal page here.

Jung-Bum Shin is promoted

Primary Neuroscience faculty member Jung-Bum Shin was awarded promotion to Associate Professor. Congratulations Dr. Shin!! Very well deserved!

John Lukens selected as Hartwell Investigator

Neuroscience faculty member John Lukens was selected as a Hartwell Investigator and received an Individual Biomedical Research Award from the Hartwell Foundation.  John won for his proposal entitled: “Targeting the Interplay between the Immune System and Microbiota in Autism Spectrum Disorder”. Congratulations, very well deserved!


Carleigh O’Brien receives AAI travel award

Carleigh O’Brien from Tajie Harris’s lab received a generous travel award for the most recent American Association of Immunologists (AAI) 4-day conference in Seattle, Washington, where she was invited to give an oral presentation of her current research projects. Congratulations Carleigh and Harris lab!

Welcome new faculty and staff!

We are excited to welcome Elizabeth (Beth) Wagner and Dr. Doug Ruhl to the Shin lab! Beth is a PhD student and Doug is a neurotology fellow from the ENT department who has joined the Shin lab for a 6-month long research project.

In the Lukens lab, we have  Xiuyan “Lucy” Wei, a visiting associate professor who will be visiting for the next year and the Kipnis lab would like to welcome Courtney Winkle, Chris Overall and Sandro Da Mesquita who will work on Bioinformatics and systems neuroscience, migraine and chronic head pain and other areas.

Welcome everyone!

New Members in the Kipnis Lab

We would like to welcome Sandro Dá Mesquita, Courtney Miller and Chris Overall to the Kipnis lab! Sandro joins us from Portugal, Cortney from UNC Chapel Hill and Chris from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington. Chris will develop our bioinformatics /systems neuroscience area, while Cort and Sandro have come to the lab as postdocs. We are excited to have them as part of the team!

Smart Drug Smarts podcast interview highlights lymphatic system discovery

“Brain, Meet Lymphatic System” – A Biology Surprise

The Leap Day podcast from the Smart Drug Smarts show featured Jonathan Kipnis, Ph.D. as he discusses the very exciting, recent discovery of lymphatic vessels in the brain.