Dr. James Browne Helps a Young Woman Walk Again

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Along the steep, rubble-strewn alleyways of Haiti, into the mountains above the city of Cap Haitien where he lives, Ernst Pierre carried his daughter, Schnydrine, on his back for miles each day. He used his limited funds to pay for a taxi to transport her to school each day. And he took precious time away from work to find her the best possible medical care.

At the age of 7, Schnydrine fell 20 feet off of a wall into a ravine, where Pierre found her unable to move. Schnydrine’s hip had been dislocated — an injury that, despite early treatment by local physicians, continued to worsen over time. “When I first met Schnydrine, she was 13 years old,” says University of Virginia Health System radiologist Gia DeAngelis, MD. “She was in severe pain and walked with a limp due to early avascular necrosis, or deteriorating bone tissue, in her hip.” …Read More



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