UVA Orthopaedic Surgery Education

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The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Virginia prides itself on contributing to the advancement of Orthopaedics through our educational programs.  Our goals include providing quality graduate Orthopaedic education through a structured innovative teaching and evaluation process as well as training and nurturing the next generation of Orthopaedic physicians who will utilize medical care decision making techniques based on outcomes-based evidence when considering diagnostic and therapeutic options of care.  We also recognize the many phases of lifelong learning and  strive to serve as a foundation for continuing education for practicing Orthopaedic Surgeons in addition to other healthcare providers who take care of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.

Rashard Dacus

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Get to know Dr.Dacus, an associate professor from the department of orthopedic surgery, as he describes how residents and fellows receive real world training while working with real patients and UVA’s own tissue lab.

Brian Werner

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Dr. Werner describes the orthopedic residency program, the sports medicine fellowship, and the medical student rotation in the UVA Orthopedic Surgery Department.

Residency Program

The University of Virginia Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Training Program offers excellent education, training, and research. With more than 70 years of proven history, we are established as a national and international leader in providing outstanding patient care, medical education, and musculoskeletal research.

Fellowship Programs

The University of Virginia Department of Orthopaedic Surgery offers five unique fellowship programs that will provide each individual with a comprehensive education, expert training, and a hands on experience that will enable them to excel in their respective fields.

Medical Students

Orthopaedic Surgery Elective Rotations at the University of Virginia are available to interested third and fourth year medical students. Third year medical students are assigned to one sub-specialty service for the duration of the 2 weeks that you rotate with us while the typical 4 week fourth year rotation is divided into 2 week blocks on two of our subspecialty services

Physician Assistants

Orthopaedic Surgery Elective Rotations at the University of Virginia are available to interested students in his or her clinical year. The typical 4 – 5 week rotation is divided into 1 week blocks in subspecialty services. The rotation will allow students to participate in outpatient clinics, surgeries and Orthopaedic conferences.

Conferences and Continuing Education

The University of Virginia Department of Orthopaedic Surgery seeks to promote lifelong learning in Orthopaedics. Our faculty, fellows, and residents participate in daily didactics and interactive conferences to foster an environment of education and the persistent pursuit of a deeper understanding of the conditions and injuries that affect our patients.


Orthopaedic Surgery seeks to recruit diverse, multicultural Housestaff that reflects the diverse student and patient population that we work with and for, with the recognition that this inherently supports excellent patient care.