Spine Fellowship Current and Past Fellows

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2018 – 2019

Nikhil Jain, MD Residency: Delhi University

2017 -2018

Gene A Falkowski, MD

Gene A Falkowski, MD


2016 -2017

photo of William Muñoz, MD

William Muñoz, MD



Ali Nourbakhsh, M.D. Residency: Atlanta Medical Center

Ali Nourbakhsh, M.D.
Residency: Atlanta Medical Center

Dr. Nourbaksh will be joining the Orthopaedic Spine team at the University of Missouri, Columbia, as Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery.  He is pleased to continue pursuing the goals he made in medical school of providing outstanding spine care, teaching residents and fellows, and performing clinical and basic science research.







Chris Burks, MD

Chris Burks, MD
Residency: Baylor


Dr. Burks is in private practice with Bienville Orthopaedic Specialists in Ocean Springs, MS.  He continues to perform general orthopaedic surgery in addition to treating all spine conditions, pediatric and adult.






Anuj Singla, MD


Dr. Singla came to us from Shriner’s Hospital for Children, where he completed a Pediatric Spine fellowship program. He graduated medical school and completed orthopaedic residency in India before coming to the United States.  He was recruited to join faculty at UVA after his fellowship.




2012 – 2013

Lauren Burke, MD

Lauren Burke, MD


Dr. Burke practices in private practice specializing in Spine medicine in Hartford, Connecticut.




2011 – 2012

John McCormick, MD

John McCormick, MD


Dr. McCormick is in private practice specializing in Spine surgery in Savannah, Georgia.




2009 – 2010

Matthew Eager, MD

Matthew Eager, MD


Dr. Eager is practicing Spine Orthopaedics in a private practice group in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.




2008 – 2009

John Hicks, MD

John Hicks, MD


Dr. Hicks is in private practice specializing in Spine Blue Ridge Bone & Joint in Hendersonville, North Carolina.




2007 – 2008

James Brezina, MD

James Brezina, MD


Dr. Brezina is in private practice at Texas Health Care Bone and Joint Clinic in Forth Worth, TX