Evaluations and Letters

Student Evaluations

Student rotators are evaluated each week during their time with UVA Orthopaedics by both faculty and residents. These will be aggregated and combined into a single evaluation that will be submitted to Oasis after you have completed your rotation.  Paper copies will be kept here in the residency office for one year if you want copies.  Your grades will consist of the evaluations received for each service, your presentation grades, your on-call grades, and other participation grades as the opportunity arises.

For visiting students, a composite evaluation and grade will be sent to the student’s school. The rotating student should bring their school’s extern evaluation form (if one is used) otherwise the standard University Elective Rotation Evaluation form will be used.

Letters of Recommendation

Students wishing to request letters of recommendation should approach the faculty member directly with the request.  The faculty member may, at his or her discretion, advise the student to contact his or her administrative assistant to schedule a one-on-one interview.  Students should provide their letter writers with a copy of their CV and an address to which the sealed letter can be mailed.