Duty Hour Policy

University of Virginia Orthopaedic Surgery Medical Duty Hour Policy

The University of Virginia Department of Orthopaedic Surgery adheres to all DUTY HOUR restrictions for medical students, residents, and fellows at all times.  There are no exceptions.  The School of Medicine policy is below and this is also provided in the introductory e-mail you receive at the beginning of your rotation.  If at any time you feel pressured to violate this policy, please notify either Dr. Chhabra, Dr. Dacus, Dr. Gwathmey, or David Craig so we can address the situation immediately. 

University of Virginia School of Medicine Policy on Duty Hours

Medical students rotating on clinical services (clerkships, selectives and electives) will be subject to the same principles that govern the 80-hour work week for mid-level residents (a maximum of 80 hours of required clinical duties per week averaged over a four week period, no more than 24 consecutive on duty hours with at least 10 hours off between shifts, and on average one day in seven free from all required clinical duties). Four additional hours for the handover of patients (no new patients) after 24 hours is allowed for feedback on clinical decisions and for continuity. Clerkship, electives and selectives directors are responsible for monitoring and ensuring that duty hours are adjusted as necessary. Student duty hours should be set taking into account the effects of fatigue and sleep deprivation on learning and patient care. In general, medical students should not be required to work longer hours than mid-level residents*. (Curriculum Committee 9/9/2004; modified 04/14/2011; 12/13/2013)