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The University of Virginia Orthopaedic Sports Medicine program is located in Charlottesville, Virginia. The goal is to provide extensive training in both operative and non-operative treatment in sports medicine problems.

The patient population consists of competitive and recreational athletes from surrounding high schools, colleges, preparatory schools, and some professional athletes. The Fellow is an active part of the sports medicine team providing coverage for all University of Virginia and James Madison University athletes, including experience in the training room. Fellows will gain operative experience with Dr. Mark Miller, Dr. David Diduch, Dr. Winston Gwathmey, Dr. Brian Werner, and the fellowship director, Dr. Steve Brockmeier.

The experience covers the spectrum of sports medicine problems, emphasizing a high volume of arthroscopic and open knee and shoulder cases, as well as knee and shoulder replacement and hip arthroscopy. In addition, dedicated time will be spent with the Foot and Ankle and Hand Divisions for experience with elbow, wrist, and ankle arthroscopy and reconstructive procedures.

Our Orthopaedic Sports Medicine fellowship program provides comprehensive training for our residents and fellows for pediatric sports related injuries and conditions involving the shoulder, knee, and hip.

Fellows benefit from a comprehensive conference schedule. The ample research opportunities with the faculty include clinical, anatomic, and basic science topics, and are facilitated by our full-time research coordinator, Dr. Joe Hart, PhD, to maximize opportunities to publish during the year.

This fellowship participates in the San Francisco sports match program.

  • Chris Bankhead and Jordan Walters covering UVA vs. JMU Men's Soccer with Drs. Brockmeier, Werner, and Gwathmey

  • 2019 Sports faculty and fellows with the visiting Duke Sports Medicine team

  • Former fellow Dr. Gehron Treme recognized with the Distinguished Sports Medicine Alumni Award

  • Sports team with Visiting Professor Asheesh Bedi at the UVA basketball game

  • John Awowale and Dr. Werner with JMU in the NCAA FCS Playoffs

  • Drs. Awowale and Gwathmey visit with Dr. Chris Larson in Minneapolis

    John Awowale and Dr. Gwathmey visiting Dr. Chris Larson in Minnesota

  • Mike Smith working on capsular preparation during a hip arthroscopy lab in the Surgical Skills Lab

    Mike Smith honing his hip arthroscopy skills in the lab

  • John Awowale and Dr. Gwathmey hanging out with Red Panda

  • Jeremy Rush trials BFR on his legs

  • John Awowale helps the UVA basketball team bring back the National Championship Trophy

    John Awowale and Dr. Gwathmey celebrate UVA winning the 2019 NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship

  • Jay Christensen with Dr. Kent Diduch and Gwathmey after yet another JMU CAA championship.

  • Keith Gill works with Dr. Carson during a cadaver skills lab.

  • Dr. and Mrs. Jay Christensen make the jumbotron at a UVA basketball game

  • 2017/18 fellows Marvin Smith, Jay Christensen, and Keith Gill at the University of Virginia basketball game.

  • Jay Christensen demos the Hana table for hip arthroscopy.

  • Marvin Smith and Dr. Brockmeier in the OR.

  • Sports fellow Marvin Smith eludes Dr. James Browne in the 2017 Turkey Bowl.

  • 2017 fellow Marvin Smith with Drs. Brockmeier and Diduch visiting MaC Hogan, former UVA Resident and now Pittsburgh Program Director. Note the photo of a bespectacled Dr. Mark Miller as a fellow with Dr. Freddie Fu in the background.

  • The Sports team hosted the 2017 AOSSM visiting European fellows.

  • Dr. Kent Diduch and Jay Christensen covering JMU football

  • Sports Division with the 2017 Charlottesville Tom Sox VBL Championship Trophy

  • Visiting professor Dr. James Andrews with the UVA Sports Medicine team.

  • Case presentations at the UVA baseball game with visiting professor Dr. James Andrews

  • UVA Ortho Sports Team celebrating a national championship with James Madison University. Michael Laidlaw (2017 Sports Fellow), Brian Werner, Winston Gwathmey, Rashard Dacus, and Dustin Richter (2016 Sports Fellow).

  • Heather Menzer works on a shoulder in the cadaver lab with Drs. Brockmeier and Diduch.

  • Sam Steiner with Dr. Werner fine tuning arthroscopic shoulder surgery in the cadaver lab

  • Michael Laidlaw with Drs. Gwathmey and Werner enjoy a big win for James Madison over the Richmond Spiders.

  • Dr. Gwathmey with fellow Michael Laidlaw at JMU vs. UNC football game.

  • Brian Etier assists Dr. Miller on a live knee surgical demo at the 2016 AOSSM Annual Meeting.

  • Dr. Kent Diduch preparing for a JMU football game.

  • Dustin Richter and Brian Etier hitting up happy hour after a tough OR day.

  • Dr. Brockmeier and Brian Etier performing a live shoulder surgical demo during the 2016 AOSSM Annual Meeting.

  • Fellow Brian Etier with Drs. Brockmeier and Diduch at UVA vs. UNC football game.

  • Fellow Evan Conte with Drs. Brockmeier and MacKnight at UVA vs. Florida State football game.

  • 2014/15 fellows John Tanksley and Scott Barbash work in the shoulder arthroscopy lab.

  • Sports Medicine faculty with former UVA resident Geof Baer (team physician for University of Wisconsin)

  • Jim Starman with Drs. Diduch and Gwathmey and UVA vs. Syracuse basketball game.

  • 2013/14 fellow Austin Crow with Drs. Diduch and Brockmeier at the UVa vs. Miami football game

Fellowship Information

The Sports Medicine Fellowship at the University of Virginia provides well-rounded educational opportunities through work with collegiate athletes, expert clinical experience, and a rigorous curriculum.

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