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Orthopaedic Residency Program

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The University of Virginia Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Training Program offers excellent education, training, and research.  With more than 70 years of proven history, we are established as a national and international leader in providing outstanding patient care, medical education, and musculoskeletal research. Our residents and alumni demonstrate this superbly.

The combination of outstanding faculty members, committed residency students, and state-of-the-art musculoskeletal research, methods, and procedures in superb facilities combine to provide excellent medical education, clinical experience, and patient care.

Residency Slideshow

  • 2019 Turkey Bowl

  • Michelle Kew, Cara Thorne, and Tim Lancaster

  • Matt Deasey and Suraj Bolarinwa presenting their research

  • Hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains

  • Enjoying the area wineries

  • Quality time after work

  • Class of 2022 looking sharp

  • Neil Blanchard working on his selfie skills with Pearson, Alyssa, and Thomas

  • Nicole Quinlan, Matt Deasey, Emmanuel Haug, Baris Yildirim, and Francis Bustos

  • Harrison Mahon, Tony Bennett, Mike Hadeed, and Victor Anciano

  • How many residents can you fit in the call room

  • Group photo in the OR

  • Aaron Casp working on his arthroscopic skills

  • Work hard.....

  • Play hard......

  • King's Family Vineyard polo matches

  • Chilling with Coach Tony Bennett

  • Dennis Chen, Suraj Bolarinwa, Max Hoggard, with Larkin resident Ryan Werntz

  • Matt Deasey needs loupes to order from the beer menu

  • Suraj Bolarinwa, Dennis Chen, Nicole Quinlan, and Emmanuel Haug

  • Resident pool basketball

  • Resident pool basketball - Dr. Romness is the ref

  • 2019 Welcome to UVA party

  • Pearson Gean, Thomas Moran, Alyssa Althoff, and Neil Blanchard

  • Last day of PGY2 call

  • Surgical skills lab - arthroscopic knee surgery

  • 2019 Resident Research Day panel

  • 2019 graduating chiefs with Dr. Glenn Gaston from OrthoCarolina

  • Trent Gause working on his AO technique

  • 2019 end of year pool party

  • Team Roanoke

  • 2019 OITE champs steak dinner at Aberdeen Barn

  • 2018 holiday sweater exchange

  • 2018 holiday sweater exchange

  • 2018 Turkey Bowl

  • Baris Yildirim demonstrating AO technique to Emmanuel Haug and Francis Bustos

  • Journal club at Dr. Diduch's

  • Aaron Casp operating with Dr. Bachmann

  • 2018 Graduation Softball Game - Resident Team

  • 2018 Graduation Softball Game

  • Jourdan Cancienne hosting a Crawfish Party

  • Dan Hess showing Dr. Shimer some tips during a spine surgery

  • 2018 Chief Residents win trivia night at Jack Brown's

  • Jourdan Cancienne showing Dennis Chen total knee arthroplasty techniques

  • Paintball in the snow

  • 2017 Resident Research Day panel

  • 2017 graduation Visiting Professor Peter Stern shares his wisdom with the Orthopaedic Surgery department.

  • Max Hoggard dunks over Ian Dempsey and a giant inflatable orca in a pool basketball game with Jourdan Cancienne and Eric Larson

  • Kevin Laroche, Max Hoggard, Victor Anciano, and Eric Larson after the 2017 Turkey Bowl

  • 2017 Turkey Bowl

  • Beamer Carr receives the Mulholland Award for medical student teaching from Dr. Susan Kirk

  • Wojciech Czoch and Bayan Aghdasi place pedicle screws with Dr. Hazzanzadeh

  • Wojciech Czoch and Mike Hadeed at a UVA Basketball game with Ann and Keith Bachmann.

  • Ortho class of 2020 at the fracture course

  • Ortho class of 2020 enjoying Chicago

  • Victor Anciano, Mike Hadeed, and Aaron Casp at chief graduation

  • Mike Hadeed receives a long-arm splint by Suraj Bolarinwa while Victor looks on

  • Victor Anciano and Emily Cushnie Schaheen working together in the OR

  • Victor Anciano and Mike Hadeed enjoy some free time after work.

  • 2016 Turkey Bowl

  • Hakan Pehlivan, Dan Hess, Bayan Aghdasi, Evan Carstensen, and Kevin LaRoche enjoying quality time in the ED during last call of PGY2

  • Chief residents 2015/16 - Nathan Lanham, Adam Wilson, Rahman Kandil, Tyrrell Burrus, and Josh Li

  • Visiting professor Darren Johnson demonstrating ACL reconstruction in the Skills Lab

  • OITE champs on the floor at the UVA basketball game.

  • Ian Dempsey demonstrates anatomy of the shoulder to Evan Carstensen and Dan Hess

  • Wojciech Czoch and Ahmad Fashandi present the anatomy of the shoulder during cadaver dissection.

  • Boyd Rawles and Justin Griffin enjoying burritos and beers in Roanoke

  • Ian Dempsey, Beamer Carr, and Cody Evans

  • Cody Evans, Ahmad Fashandi, Jourdan Cancienne, Ian Dempsey

  • Interns take a trip to Warsaw to learn arthroscopy and arthroplasty.

  • Jeff Boatright working on a cadaver with Cody Evans and Beamer Carr

  • Emily Cushnie and Ian Dempsey refine their ankle splinting technique

  • Byrd Lab

    Dr. Thomas Byrd leads a surgical demonstration for the residents on hip arthroscopy.

  • Visiting Professor, Dr. Thomas Byrd demonstrates hip arthroscopy to residents Scott Yang, Ahmad Fashandi, and Rahman Kandil.

  • Drs. Scott Yang and Tyrrell Burrus operating on call

  • Scott Yang, Brian Werner, and Tom Keller after the Virginia Beach Marathon.

  • Scott Yang and Brian Werner racing in the Virginia Beach marathon.

  • Rahman Kandil places an arm coaptation splint on Adam Wilson

  • 2013 Turkey Bowl

Statements on Diversity & Inclusion:

Please click on the call-out buttons below to learn more about how our department and the University as a whole is working to create a diverse, inclusive, and accepting environment for everyone.

Eric Carson, MD

Read the statement from Department Alumni Eric Carson, MD.


Dean Wilkes

Read Dean Wilkes’ statement on diversity at the University of Virginia.


Statement from UVA GME

Read the official statement from the Graduate Medical Education offices at the University of Virginia.


Statement from the Department

Read the official statement from the Department of Orthopaedics.


Residency Coordinator

David Craig helps to organize the many moving parts of our residency program and facilitates the day-to-day activities of our residents and medical students.  Questions about our educational program may be directed to him.

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Phone: (434) 243.0265

Our Mission

“To attain a national and international reputation as a leader in academic Orthopaedics
in the areas of patient care, orthopaedic education, and musculoskeletal research.”