The following resources are available for your review. We encourage you to review these materials prior to the start of your rotation.

Primary Care Otolaryngology Textbook:  This book will serve as your reference textbook for the rotation.  It is an excellent summary of the basic Otolaryngologic problems you will encounter.  If more detail is needed for specific cases, feel free to ask the Residents or Attendings you are working with for the names of some other references.

Surgery Orientation Video (Please review during your rotation):

OTO Exam Videos:

Attending Physician Evaluation Pick at least one attending physician from each service that you worked with during your two week rotation (you are evaluating the attending).  The evaluations can be done thru Oasis. If you do the evaluations online, then you do not have to fill out the attached paper form.  Please remember to complete the evaluations by the end of your rotation.

General Otolaryngology Rotation:  If you are working with Drs. Landes and Mason, please click HERE.  Please do not call or email either Dr. Landes or Dr. Mason because all the information about the rotation is in the attachment.