Join Our Research Team

Opportunities for Scholars and Researchers, Medical Students and Residents, and Undergraduate and Graduate Students:

If you have a background as an academic researcher and are interested in joining our research team to engage in the work we are doing here at DOPS, we are interested in hearing from you.

We are seeking those professional researchers, and/or graduate students who are interested in committing to projects within the scope of the UVA DOPS research, and who fall into the following categories:

Professional Researchers and Scholars:

  • We are interested in hearing from professional researchers in fields such as psychologists, psychiatrists, neurobiologists, neuroscientists, experimental psychologists, religious studies, philosophers, physicists, biostatisticians, and electrical engineers among many others.

If you are interested in exploring current job opportunities, please see the information below:

Research Specialist Intermediate:  

-Minimum requirement for the position: Master’s Degree in neuroscience, psychology, biomedical engineering, mind-body medicine or a related discipline.

-The ideal candidate has a serious interest in the scientific study of unusual and/or exceptional human experiences and is experienced in statistical analysis, EEG methods and analysis, with an understanding of research methodology including study design, study implementation, data collection, data analysis and the write-up of results.

-This position is funded for two years. Funding the position may be extended based on job performance and additional funding.

Please go to UVA Jobs Website to apply for the position.



  • We encourage academic faculty from UVA and other research institutions to contact us regarding the prospect of a possible collaboration on projects which fall within the scope of the UVA DOPS research.


Medical Students and Medical Residents from UVA and other approved academic institutions and medical schools

  • Medical students and residents from UVA Medical School or from other academic institutions and medical schools may want to pursue a research project with members of the UVA DOPS faculty. It is possible to set up special research projects related to the scope of the UVA DOPS research provided that a member of the DOPS research faculty has made special arrangements to act as collaborator or as a supervisor on the project.

UVA undergraduate and graduate students with special skills and research interests

  • UVA Graduate Students can arrange special research projects with UVA DOPS faculty while they are pursuing a wide variety of degrees within other departments, such as Anthropology,Religious Studies, Psychology, Neurobiology, or Sociology and so on. The qualified graduate student seeking this arrangement, must satisfy all requirements of the parent department and/or parent institution, and have the explicit cooperation of their department supervisor to do a special research project with UVA DOPS.
  • UVA Undergraduate Students and Graduate Student sometimes volunteer to assist us in various research projects throughout an academic year. Those students and who have skills in statistics, data management, data processing, and in social sciences coding procedures are especially needed.
  • Please note, we do not provide course credit or funding to any students for these specially arranged circumstances.

Expanding Our Research:

We invite you to review the descriptions of the ways in which the DOPS researchers currently envision expanding their research within special areas of focus.

Please click here on “Expanding Our Research” for more information.