Volunteer Opportunities

People who are interested in the scope of our ongoing research here at UVA DOPS  sometimes offer to volunteer to assist us in our research endeavors.

Please carefully review the information below to see if you would like to inquire about volunteering. Please note, at this time we generally need volunteers to be able to be on site in our Charlottesville, VA offices rather than volunteering remotely. Remote location volunteering may be a possibility in the future, but our current needs are on site in our Charlottesville offices.

Please note:

As of  September 2019, we are currently looking for a student or a community volunteer to assist us with numerous internal DOPS library tasks including cataloging a large number of newly donated books (over a 1000 books) that will need to be entered into our current collection. We have an internal electronic system that we use to catalog new books into our collection. There will also be lots of shelving and sorting duties. This project will require a consistent time commitment of 4-8 hours a week for a number of months. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at UVA Division of Perceptual Studies to assist with library duties, please contact the research coordinator and librarian at LLD4A@virginia.edu. Please put “Library Volunteer” in the subject heading of the email and please follow the steps described below.

We thank you for your interest in volunteering at the UVA Division of Perceptual Studies.


  • Student and Community Volunteers

Lara Karadeniz

UVA student volunteer, Lara Karadeniz, academic year 2016-2017

Qualified UVA undergraduate, interested graduate students, and qualified community members work for DOPS as volunteers, thus affording them an opportunity to learn about the scope of the Division’s research. The volunteers are supervised by the DOPS Research Coordinator Lori Derr M.Ed., and are offered the option to work on a number of projects such as coding and entering the cases of children who remember previous lives, assisting with data base projects, assisting with the Ian Stevenson Memorial Library, and assisting with research projects in the eeg lab. We are always looking for interested students, graduate students, and community volunteers.

Those students and community members who have skills in statistics, data management, data processing, and in social sciences coding procedures are especially needed.

If you are interested in the possibility of volunteering, please read the following:

1) Please send an email describing your interests as related to the research being done here at DOPS

2) Send your resume to our Research Coordinator Lori Derr,  at LLD4A@virginia.edu.

3) Once we receive your resume, we will ask you to come in for an interview to see if our needs match your interests.

Amanda Rhietti-Souto, Student Volunteer

Amanda Rhietti-Souto, UVA Student volunteer, academic years 2015-2018

4) If we decide to go forward, you will fill out an official UVA volunteer form.

5) Once the volunteer form is completed and approved, you will need to complete UVA Internal Review Board training to ensure appropriate and confidential handling of all materials related to the research. We ask that you do both the UVA IRB-SBS and IRB-HSR training.  These are online courses that require about a 4-5 hour commitment for each type of IRB CITI training. Links to the training will be provided once the volunteer orientation process has begun.

6) The students and community members who present themselves as volunteers will need to commit to at least 3-4 hours every week for the arrangement to be successful for the student, the community member and for the DOPS research project.

Please note, depending on fluctuating research support needs, we can only take a certain number of qualified volunteers per semester.


Opportunities for Graduate Students, Medical Students, and Other Professional Visiting Researchers:

If you are interested in joining our research team in an unpaid capacity to engage in the research we do here at DOPS, we are interested in hearing from you.

We are seeking those who can bring their own research funding in the following categories:

It is possible to set up special research projects related to the scope of what is being studied at UVA DOPS, provided that a member of the DOPS research faculty has made arrangements to act as collaborator or an associate supervisor on the project.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of joining our research efforts, please email us at DOPS@virginia.edu and submit:

  • A brief description of your academic background and interests
  • Your current resume or curriculum vitae 
  • A brief research proposal describing a project related to the scope of the research being done at UVA DOPS
  • Your plans for providing your own funding related to the research project you are proposing

These submissions will be reviewed by the DOPS faculty for consideration. We are able to accept a limited number of unpaid guest researchers per year.

Please note, we do not provide course credit or funding to any students, graduate students, medical students or visiting researchers for these specially arranged circumstances.

Please see “Join Our Research Team” for more information about this possibility.