Volunteer Opportunities

Student and Community Volunteers

Student Volunteer_Lara Karadeniz

Student volunteer, Lara Karadeniz, academic year 2016-2017

Qualified UVA undergraduate, interested graduate students, and qualified community members work for DOPS as volunteers, thus affording them an opportunity to learn about the scope of the Division’s research. The volunteers are supervised by the DOPS Research Coordinator Lori Derr M.Ed., and are offered the option to work on a number of projects such as coding and entering the cases of children who remember previous lives, assisting with data base projects, assisting with the Ian Stevenson Memorial Library, and assisting with research projects in the eeg lab. We are always looking for interested students, graduate students, and community volunteers.

Those students and community members who have skills in statistics, data management, data processing, and in social sciences coding procedures are especially needed.