Our Program

An interdisciplinary approach employing advanced methods of Molecular Biology and Structural Biophysics is the hallmark of modern scientific research, whether fundamental, clinical or translational. The Department aims to promote, at all levels, the understanding of the function of living systems.

  • Investigate the structure and function of cells at the molecular and even atomic level
  • Comprehend the general laws of nature and, for physiology, how they operate in living systems
  • Integrate the details to understand the function of the entire organism and exploit this knowledge for the betterment of human health

Modern molecular physiologists and biophysicists may investigate the function of the heart by cloning a membrane channel or transport protein, expressing it and studying its kinetics through patch clamping in a model cell system, while exploring the relationship between molecular structure and function through crystallography and spectroscopy of the protein.

Our research-intensive program is designed to train students to identify significant biological problems and use the most advanced and modern methods for solving them. The emphasis of our department and expertise in molecular physiology and biophysics provide a unique environment for interdisciplinary training of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.