Program Requirements


  • The qualifier committee will have at least 2 members from the Department of Physiology and a minimum of 3 tenure-track faculty. The Director of Graduate Studies in Physiology will choose the committee members.
  • The student is required to write, and defend, an extensive review of a topic that is not directly associated with their anticipated research. The review should be given to members of the committee 2 weeks before the oral defense.
  • Qualifiers will occur within 6 months of declaration of Physiology as the program of study.

Thesis Committee

  • A member of the department of Physiology is required to be mentor for the student. A co-mentor is also permitted. Another member of the department of Physiology is also required. A minimum of 4 thesis committee members are required, all tenure-track faculty.
  • The first thesis committee will occur within 9 months of completing the qualifiers, with regular meetings scheduled every 6 months.


  • At least one first author publication is required for the degree.

Journal Clubs

  • Attendance and participation is required at the Pharmacology or Physiology/Biophysics Journal Club every semester.

Course Requirements

In addition to the BIMS Core Course, there are 8 additional modules required. These include Graduate Physiology (2 modules: Grad Physiology A and B), Pharmacology (2 modules: Intro to Pharmacology and Intro to Neuropharmacology) and Biophysical Foundations of Molecular Physiology (1 modules). At least one more graduate level module offered within the Department of Physiology is required. The last two modules can be from any graduate level course (to be determined by the PI and student).

Description of the Required Courses: