Packaging and Shipping

Instructions for Sample Labeling: Packaging and Shipping

  1. PLEASE NOTIFY LAB BY PHONE OR E-MAIL BEFORE SHIPPING SAMPLES AND AWAIT CONFIRMATION.  This allows us to keep a watch for the delivery of your precious samples.
  2. Normal operating hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST, excluding holidays.  It is highly recommended that you ship your samples Monday through Wednesday.SAMPLE LABELING:  Please sequentially number the samples.  This helps us be more efficient with the samples.  Sequential numbering does not always have to start with the number 1.  Example: shipment #1 could be samples #1 through #30 and shipment number #2 could be #31 through #60.If you have your own identifying information on the sample from the experiment, please create a table that cross references sequential numbers to your experiment identifiers.  Please send a copy of the table with the shipment of samples and keep a copy for your records.  Remember to label the samples with the sequential number using a Sharpie marker or adhesive dots that can be used with dry ice.

Example of Cross Referencing

1F4 WT
2F4 KO
3F5 WT
4F5 KO
5F10-1 KO
6F10-1 WT
7F10-3 KO

Sample Packaging

PLEASE do not ship samples in plastic bags (dry ice splits them).  PLEASE ship samples in a fiberboard box(es) with removable insert or a plastic box(es) with permanent insert.  DO NOT send the fiberboard insert by itself.


Send samples packaged on dry ice by Fed-Ex priority overnight delivery.

Shipping Address

University of Virginia
Center for Research in Reproduction
OMS Suhling Bldg., Room 6921
21 Hospital Drive
Charlottesville, VA 22908
Attn: Aleisha Schoenfelder