Director: Stacey Criswell, Ph.D.
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Location: Medical School Building (Old Medical School) room 4806-see map and directions below or use the University of Virginia interactive map (search for Medical School Bldg) or use a Google map.

Phone number: 434.924.2524


Click on the small map to the right  or you can use the University of Virginia interactive map (requires Microsoft Silverlight), and search for “Medical School Building”


  • Take the link to the West Complex from Pinn Hall (on level 2) or Hospital (on level 1).
  • Turn right to enter the lobby of the West Complex and head to the right of the information desk.
  • Pass West Elevators A and turn right as though heading to the Corner or Eye Clinic.
  • Pass through 2 open doorways and after about 50 yards look for Old Medical School Elevator #3 on your left ,  (you must enter the Old Medical School on level 1 or 2) or stairs on right just past the elevator; the Medical School auditorium is past both elevator and stairs.
  • Go to 4th floor.  On exiting the elevator, you will see a sign pointing to Advanced Microscopy Facility (veer right). From stairs, turn left, and left again at the end of the corridor. Room 4806 is a third of the way down the corridor.