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Novel Mouse Model of Myocardial Infarction, Plaque Rupture, and Stroke Shows Improved Survival With Myeloperoxidase Inhibition; Gary Owens

Protocol for integrating tissue clearing and light-sheet imaging to analyze cancer initiation in mosaic analysis with double markers mouse models; Hui Zong

Anatomical substrates of Rapid Eye Movement sleep rebound in a rodent model of post-sevoflurane sleep disruption. Nadia Lunardi

IL-1β Inhibition Partially Negates the Beneficial Effects of Diet-Induced Atherosclerosis Regression in Mice; Gary Owens

Repair of noise-induced damage to stereocilia F-actin cores is facilitated by XIRP2 and its novel mechanosensor domain; Jung-Bum Shin

Reduced mitochondrial calcium uptake in macrophages is a major driver of inflammaging; Bimal N. Desai

miR-3174 Is a New Tumor Suppressor MicroRNA That Inhibits Several Tumor-Promoting Genes in Glioblastoma; Roger Abounader

The Scaffold Protein KATNIP Enhances CILK1 Control of Primary Cilia. Jacob Turner

IL-1β inhibition partially negates the beneficial effects of diet-induced lipid lowering. Santosh Karnewar

Endoplasmic reticulum stress-activated neuronal and microglial autophagy contributes to postoperative cognitive dysfunction in neonatal rats. Hui Zhang

Highly-conserved regulatory activity of the ANR family in the virulence of diarrheagenic bacteria through interaction with master and global regulators; James P Nataro

Coupling of protein condensates to ordered lipid domains determines functional membrane organization; Ilya Levental

Induction of PARP7 Creates a Vulnerability for Growth Inhibition by RBN2397 in Prostate Cancer Cells; Chunsong Yang

Polarized localization of phosphatidylserine in the endothelium regulates Kir2.1; Brant Isakson

Gene-repressing epigenetic reader EED unexpectedly enhances cyclinD1 gene activation; Craig Kent

A New Autosomal Myh11-CreERT2 Smooth Muscle Cell Lineage Tracing and Gene Knockout Mouse Model; Rebecca Deaton

Opa1 and Drp1 reciprocally regulate cristae morphology, ETC function, and NAD+ regeneration in KRas-mutant lung adenocarcinoma; Dane T Sessions

Modulation of Primary Cilia by Alvocidib Inhibition of CILK1; Zheng Fu

Efferocytosis requires periphagosomal Ca2+-signaling and TRPM7-mediated electrical activity; Bimal N. Desai

Dichotomous roles of smooth muscle cell–derived MCP1 (monocyte chemoattractant protein 1) in development of atherosclerosis; Gary Owens

Ecdysone exerts biphasic control of regenerative signaling, coordinating the completion of regeneration with developmental progression; Adrian Halme