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2023 Apr 26
Coupling of protein condensates to ordered lipid domains determines functional membrane organization; Ilya Levental

2023 Jan 15
A New Autosomal Myh11-CreERT2 Smooth Muscle Cell Lineage Tracing and Gene Knockout Mouse Model. Rebecca Deaton

2022 Jul 23
Modulation of Primary Cilia by Alvocidib Inhibition of CILK1; Zheng Fu

2022 Jun 9
Efferocytosis requires periphagosomal Ca2+-signaling and TRPM7-mediated electrical activity; Bimal N. Desai

2022 Jun 5
Dichotomous roles of smooth muscle cell–derived MCP1 (monocyte chemoattractant protein 1) in development of atherosclerosis; Gary Owens

2022 Feb 1
Ecdysone exerts biphasic control of regenerative signaling, coordinating the completion of regeneration with developmental progression; Adrian Halme