Resource Statement

The Advanced Microscopy Facility (AMF) offers access to an array of cutting-edge equipment for sample preparation, light microscopy imaging, and data analysis. Laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM) includes a FLIM & STED superresolution-capable confocal, two multi-photon confocals, and two other LSCMs capable of multi-dimensional live cell imaging. Lightsheet microscopy enables multiview imaging of living and optically cleared specimens. Active tissue clearing and immunolabeling services are also available. Epifluorescence microscopy offers a fully-automated microscope with fluorescence, bright field, and TIRF capability. EM imaging modality includes a variable-pressure scanning electron microscope (SEM), and ultramicroton, sputter coater, critical point dryer for TEM/SEM sample preparation. An image analysis server, two high-end workstations, and a suite of image data analysis software streamline the intensive multidimensional image processing. The AMF staff can perform all of the above services. Trained users also have access to the instruments 24/7.