Advanced Microscopy Facility Rates

Standard Rates-subject to change
Cancer Center members may receive a copayment when using services.
Zeiss LSM 700$40.00/hr
Zeiss LSM 710 2 photon$50.00/hr
Zeiss LSM 710 confocal$40.00/hr
Zeiss LSM 880$45.00/hr
Zeiss Sigma VP HD field emission Scanning Electron Microscope$60.00/hr
JEOL 1230 Transmission Electron Microscope$45.00/hr
Olympus BX51 (High mag)$15.00/hr
Olympus SZX12 Stereo (Low mag)$11.00/hr
Leica Ultracut Ultramicrotome$42.00/hr
Carbon coating$50.00
Critical point drying$50.00
Platinum coating$50.00
Sputter coating$50.00
Technical Services$115.oo/hr

Prices listed are for University of Virginia clients.  The rates shown above are increased by 61.5% for all clients outside of the University of Virginia.

Please note: training costs will include a technical service charge plus a microscope use charge for the amount of time spent training