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University of Virginia Anesthesiology Residents' Placements Map of USA with States marked in Blue

UVA Anesthesiology Residents’ Recent Placements by State (in blue)

Even if you left the Anesthesiology Department at the University of Virginia years ago, you will always be part of the UVA Anesthesiology family. Our mailing list now numbers over 1200 alumni, so wherever you go, there’s a Virginia-trained anesthesiologist nearby.

We hope you will keep us updated when you have changes in your employment, your contact information, and your family.  We hope to keep you involved by sending you invitations to our special alumni events: including our annual alumni reception at the ASA Meeting and our fall ASRA Pain Meeting alumni reception.


Upcoming Events

American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting:

October 18 – 22 | Philadelphia, PA

If you did not receive an invitation (by email) for the 2023 event, please make sure your contact information is up to date by sending us an email.

Keep in Touch with Us

We want to keep in touch with you! The Department of Anesthesiology sends out occasional mailings to our former residents, fellows, and faculty members.  We want to keep you informed about our biennial continuing education meeting, our annual alumni reception at the ASA annual meeting, and other important department news. Please update your contact information below.

Our mailing list also functions as an important network of contacts and regional information for our graduating residents, as well as former residents who are considering relocation.  Without a specific release from you, we will never give your information to anyone else. We are always interested in hearing your news directly, so contact us. Or if your contact information has changed recently, please take a moment to complete our form:

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