Exercise Physiology Research Resource Description

The Exercise Physiology Core Laboratory is located on the 2nd floor of the Collins Wing, formerly Barringer Wing, in the West Complex of the UVA Health System  and is staffed by a faculty Director ( Dr. Arthur Weltman) and two full-time research assistants trained in Exercise Physiology. The Laboratory includes several metabolic carts for collection of basal and exercise-associated metabolic data. Interfaced with each metabolic cart is a computer-linked bicycle ergometer and treadmill. Simultaneous measures of blood lactate and glucose (and other biochemical determinations) are available using an automated analyzer. The lab also includes a BOD POD for determination of body composition. Overall, this facility is devoted to excellence in research in exercise physiology encompassing a wide range of diverse studies in children, young, middle age and older adults.

Major Equipment specific to the Exercise Physiology Core Laboratory:

Vmax Metabolic Stress Testing Systems (CareFusion)

Clinical measurement of oxygen consumption during exercise

GE Case Exercise Testing System  including ECG and Treadmill (GE Marquette)

Clinical measurement of exercise capacity during exercise

Sensor Medics Deltrac Bedside Metabolic System (Carefusion)

Measurement of basal or resting metabolism

Quinton Q-Stress ECG system (Cardiac Sciences)

Electrocardiograph for exercise testing; compatible with Quinton Q65 Treadmill and Lode ergometer

Lode Bicycle Ergometer (Cardiac Sciences)

Electronically calibrated research ergometer

BOD POD GS Body Composition tracking system (COSMED)

Air displacement plethysmography system for determining body composition, e.g. fat free tissue and fat tissue

Specialty Software

Brachial Analyzer (MIA Vascular Research Tools 5)

Medical image analysis software for the assessment of FMD/endothelial function of brachial artery from ultrasound image data.

sliceOmatic (TomoVision)

Research medical image analysis software used to measure, segment and analyze medical image data.