Primary: Medicine: Infectious Diseases and International Health

Abhyankar, Mayuresh M

Amebiasis vaccine development; biomarkers of Clostridium difficile disease severity

Arnold, Christopher J

Endocarditis, Blood stream infections

Burgess, Stacey L.

Understanding how exposures in the intestine can influence the broader immune system.

Crawford, Matthew A.

Mechanisms of antimicrobial action and microbial strategies of resistance.

Dillingham, Rebecca Anne

Mobile technologies to improve adherence to HIV medications in rural populations.

Donowitz, Gerald R.

White cell interactions with bacteria

Eby, Joshua C.

Pathogenesis of Bordetella pertussis infection. Interaction of bacterial protein toxins with host target cells. Clinical diagnostics for adult and pediatric pertussis.

Gilchrist, Carol

Identification of Parasite Virulence Factors

Guerrant, Richard L.

Recognition, diagnosis, pathogenesis, impact, treatment and prevention of enteric infections; global health and tropical infectious diseases

Hall, Heather Cox

Antimicrobial stewardship; therapy and outcomes related to infection with multidrug-resistant Enterobacteriaceae.