Flow Cytometry Core Facility Training Course – Introductory Flow Cytometry


A 5-day comprehensive training course in flow cytometry that includes 12 hours of lecture and 12 hours of hands-on training in the lab. The course can be taken as a lecture only course or as both lecture and lab.

Lecture topics will include:
  • Basic concepts of flow cytometry, its complementary technologies, and common applications
  • The components of a flow cytometer and how do they work
  • Fluorescence labeling, spectrum, and compensation
  • Critical aspects of experimental design
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance procedures
  • Data analysis, interpretation, and presentation
Lab will include (using calibration particles and fully stained samples):
  • A tour of the instrumentation and all of its components
  • An introduction to SpectroFlo and Cellquest Pro software for data acquisition and analysis
  • Instrument set up, instrument settings for data acquisition and storage
  • Multicolor experiment exercise: design, sample prep (wet lab), data acquisition (hardware compensation and software compensation), and data analysis
  • Instrument calibration, troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Hands-on data analysis with FCS Express software

Who should attend?

  • Those who wish to run their own samples on a flow cytometer
  • Those who already run a flow cytometer but wish to have a better understanding of the technology and the data that is produced
  • Those who plan to use flow cytometry in the future
  • Those who design experiments and review/interpret flow cytometry data


The Core facility will offer the course on a quarterly basis. The lecture part is limited to 10 people per class; the lab part is limited to 8 people per class, who are divided into two session groups (with 2 lab instructors per session group, i.e., 2 people per instructor per lab session). The schedule of upcoming classes are updated on FCCF home page.


Lecture locations will be announced by class date. Labs will be held at the FCCF, Room 2011, Pinn Hall.


  • Lecture only  – $388.14/pp
  • Lecture and Lab – $550/pp
  • Applicants from outside UVa are charged a 62% surcharge
 All fees include:
  • Training Manual
  • A certificate of satisfactory completion
  • Coupon for two hours of free assisted or unassisted analytical services (UVa applicants only)


Interested individuals should complete the application in iLab at least two weeks in advance of the date requested. Classes fill quickly, so please inquire and apply early. Applications will be approved on a first come first serve basis, with priority being given to those who do not have access to analytical instrumentation outside the flow cytometry core facility.