Interview Day

During the interview process, we want all applicants to get a genuine and relaxed look inside the residency program. You will have ample opportunity to spend time with our housestaff to get their perspective on training at UVA. Our housestaff take applicants and their guests to dinner either on Sunday or Wednesday evening before each Monday or Thursday interview day. This year we will conduct one interview on Friday, November 22, as well. We strongly encourage applicants to participate in the dinner program as it affords a unique opportunity to speak with current housestaff and their families. Applicants are welcome to bring their spouse or significant other.

On interview day, you will:

  • Interview with one member of our general Department of Medicine faculty
  • Interview with one faculty member of the Intern Selection Committee
  • Attend Clinical Medicine Conference
  • Participate in Resident Morning Report
  • Tour the UVA Health System
  • Meet informally with many members of our housestaff
  • Be our guest for lunch.

The formal activities of the interview day end at approximately 2:30 pm.

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