Chief Residents 2018-19

Chief Residents 2018-2019

Walid El-Nahal, Amy Ogurick, Carrie Hamilton, Anthony Peters

Welcome! We are excited that you are considering the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Residency Program.

Training at UVA has been a great experience for us, and equipped us with the tools to become leaders in medicine. Our program provides a perfect balance between hands-on patient care, faculty dedicated to resident education, and cutting-edge research opportunities.

We are proud that our program is resident-centered and unequivocally resident run, as evidenced by the numerous current practices – including the service structures and conference schedule – that were designed and implemented by the residents.

Please explore our website to learn about our program, and feel free to email us at if you have questions.

We look forward to meeting you and personally introducing you to our residency program when you come for an interview.

Meet Carrie Hamilton, MD

Carrie Hamilton, MDI am from a small town in central Pennsylvania in the middle of Amish Country. I moved to the other end of the state for undergrad at University of Pittsburgh (when their football team was actually good), and then trekked across the state again for medical school at Temple in Philadelphia. I had not known much about UVA before coming down here for my interview, but was blown away by the warmth and comradery of everyone here.

I have been incredibly fortunate to complete my residency training at UVA, and have felt so welcomed as part of a family. The clinical experiences here challenge you every day, but you can do it all while hanging out with your best friends. The faculty here are world-renowned and are always enthusiastic to teach you everything that they can. From the first day of orientation to now sitting in our “cozy” chiefs’ office, it has been a life changing experience and it has more than prepared me to pursue a career in gastroenterology and hepatology.

On your interview day, you will most certainly see pictures of my four-legged love bug named Lucy (she’s a dog for reference), and then soon desperately want a dog as Charlottesville is a dog town. Charlottesville is truly a hidden gem in the Blue Mountains and has endless restaurants, vineyards, and breweries to fill all of your days off. Mas, Tavola, and the Fitzroy are some of my favorite places to eat, but I still have many to check off my list. You will be able to find me hiking in the trails around Charlottesville in the mountains, enjoying some drinks and music at Friday’s after Five, or eating my weekly ice cream requirement at Chaps on the downtown mall (this should be your first C’ville stop, no question).

UVA has allowed me to make friends and create connections that will most certainly last a lifetime, and we would love you have you be a part of our family! We are looking forward to meeting all of you and having you hang out with us!

Meet Walid El-Nahal, MD

Walid El-Nahal, MDI was born in Maryland and lived there for the first eight years of my life. My family and I then moved to Cairo, Egypt, where we lived for ten years. I moved back to the States after completing high school, to work on my undergraduate degree at UVA, and haven’t left since. I majored in Chemical Engineering and then stayed in Charlottesville for medical school. Being here for medical school gave me an inside look at how close the residents were to each other, which was one of the most important things in choosing a program that was a good fit. Being here for three more years has absolutely confirmed that.

For me, UVA has combined a strong clinical curriculum, a wide catchment area with a diverse population of patients, and most importantly a supportive faculty who are tirelessly invested in our education. These things all come together to create an environment where trainees can thrive, during some of the most challenging years of their career. That culture isn’t defined only by the program itself, but by the residents who come through it. From day one in the cardiac ICU to last month at graduation, I’ve felt incredibly supported by my peers, and we’ve been laughing together every step of the way whether that’s out on a Friday evening or at 2 am at the hospital grill on “Grilled Cheese Rounds”.

It’s those residents who really make the program and are the reason I couldn’t be happier to be here (going on my 12th UVA year!). Thankfully, Charlottesville offers a ton to take advantage of with the friends you make here. I live near the Downtown Mall, so I’m eating out there more than I should (can’t help it). Some of my favorites are burgers at Citizen Burger or the Fitzroy Sunday brunch (chicken and waffles can’t be topped). If you’re more of an outdoors person, it has you covered too, with endless hikes in the beautiful surrounding Virginia nature (but I’ll probably still be at brunch).

I am currently applying for a fellowship in Infectious Disease, and hope to pursue that after completing my chief year.

Meet Amy Ogurick, MD

Amy Ogurick, MDI was born and raised in the upper-Midwest, spending the first 10 years of my life in the northern suburbs of Chicago and then moving 90 miles north to the Milwaukee area. For college, I ventured to upstate New York at Colgate University. While I loved the beautiful mountains, the rain and snow grew old quite quickly. I bounced back to the Midwest for medical school, but this time went south to Missouri where I studied at Saint Louis University. After four years of living in a warmer climate, I was very excited to move somewhere that was not only warm, but also had the beautiful Appalachian Mountains I had grown to love in college.

I interviewed at UVA relatively early on in my residency interview trail. I still remember being struck by how interactive and intelligent all of the residents and faculty were during conferences. At the same time, they seemed to be having fun while doing it. It was the balance of an incredibly kind, collegial atmosphere, with clear academic rigor, that drew me to UVA and no subsequent program I interviewed at compared. I am still so thankful that I matched here as everything I found on my interview day has proven to be true. While at UVA, I have made incredible friends among my colleagues, had the opportunity to be immersed in excellent clinical training, been a part of innovative research projects, and also had the opportunity to pursue my interests in medical education through the Clinical Educator Track. In my mind, UVA is the full package and I think I have gotten incredible training here and I have been truly happy throughout.

One of the best parts of UVA is the fact that it is located in beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia. In my free time I enjoy local food, wine, beer and breathtaking hikes. It is hard to adequately emphasize the value of having a resource like Shenandoah National Park in our backyard. I have fallen in love with this town and all that it has to offer and I am so excited to be here for another year. After chief year, I will be pursuing a career in gastroenterology and hepatology.

Meet Anthony Peters, MD

Anthony Peters, MDI am originally from a small town in North Carolina and decided to venture north for college. I studied biomedical engineering and economics at the University of Pennsylvania, and then, after a few years of working in healthcare consulting, returned to North Carolina for medical school at UNC Chapel Hill. On the interview trail, UVA stuck out to me as a program that offered everything I was looking for: rigorous training, collegial environment, high-quality teaching, and residents who truly enjoyed working alongside each other and spending time outside of the hospital together.

Over the past few years, the program and Charlottesville have exceeded my high expectations on all accounts. The program has provided me with excellent clinical training, a solid foundation in clinical research techniques and experience, and an awesome group of co-resident friends (many of whom are staying in C’ville this year!). Meanwhile, my wife and I have absolutely loved exploring the food and drink scene of Charlottesville, from downtown restaurants that quickly became favorites (Tavola and Oakhart Social, to name a few!) to the surrounding wineries and breweries. We have also really enjoyed getting out to the nearby Shenandoah National Park for short hikes, walking/running the trails around town, and playing in the local soccer league. During our time here, we have added a puppy and baby girl to our family and can attest to the fact that C’ville is likely the most pet- and baby-friendly city in the country! The combination of all that Charlottesville has to offer with its ease of living can’t be overstated, and I’m excited to have at least another year here. After chief year, I am looking forward to pursuing a career in cardiology.