Chief Residents 2020-2021

Photo of Internal Medicine Chief Residents 2020-2021

Internal Medicine Chief Residents 2020-2021
Alex Jepsen, Sthuthi David, Rebecca Haug, Alex Zimmet

Welcome! We are excited that you are considering the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Residency Program.

Training at UVA has been a great experience for us, and equipped us with the tools to become leaders in medicine. Our program provides a perfect balance between hands-on patient care, faculty dedicated to resident education, and cutting-edge research opportunities.

We are proud that our program is resident-centered and unequivocally resident run, as evidenced by the numerous current practices – including the service structures and conference schedule – that were designed and implemented by the residents.

Please explore our website to learn about our program, and feel free to email us at if you have questions.

We look forward to meeting you and personally introducing you to our residency program when you come for an interview.

Meet Sthuthi David, MD

I was born in Chennai, India and moved to Boston, MA when I was 8 years old. There, I became a quintessential Boston sports fan, and was fortunate to live through 2008, where three of our sports teams won their respective championships. I then traveled to upstate New York where I completed both college and medical school at the University of Rochester. When I began applying for residency, I wanted to find a strong clinical program with a multitude of research opportunities and enthusiastic attendings and educators. After my interview day at UVA, I knew I had found everything I was looking for, and so much more.

I still remember my dinner prior to my interview day; all the residents were so friendly, and even though I was new to Charlottesville, I strangely felt at home. It was abundantly clear that they were not just co-workers but also friends. During my interview day, I was impressed with all the residents; they were incredibly accomplished and intelligent, but also humble and down-to-earth. This theme of balance transcended through my training at UVA. The rotations and curriculum were often challenging, but I always had support from my attendings and peers and never felt alone. I had the unique opportunity to be part of the Clinical Investigator track, where I was able to complete a Masters of Clinical Research during my three years of training and have dedicated time to complete several research projects.

Some of my favorite memories took place outside of the hospital. Having always lived in big cities, I was pleasantly surprised to find how many things there were to do here – from hiking up the 100’s of trails to visiting the innumerable wineries and breweries. I am a self proclaimed “foodie” and have yet to eat at every restaurant in Charlottesville. I went to many concerts, including some of the biggest names in music like Taylor Swift.

I can’t describe how grateful I am to have trained at UVA. I’ve made some of my closest friends here and wouldn’t be the physician I am without my training here. After chief year, I plan to pursue a fellowship in Cardiology.

Meet Rebecca Haug, MD

I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. For undergrad, I traveled the long 60 minutes up the road to UVA, where I majored in Biology and Spanish. I then returned to Richmond for my medical school training at Virginia Commonwealth University, where I met my husband, Emanuel, during our first year of medical school. The draw to come back to Charlottesville was so strong that I then returned for Internal Medicine residency after medical school.

When it came to choosing a residency program, I knew early on that UVA was the right fit for me. I was impressed with the emphasis on education, high quality conferences, and research, while at the same time striving to maintain balance with equal emphasis on resident and faculty happiness, wellness, and camaraderie. The past three years of residency have even further solidified my initial impression from interview day. UVA is not only the place where I grew as a clinician, educator, and researcher, but also where I made some of my closest friends.

In addition to the hospital experience, Charlottesville has been a wonderful place to call home for the past three years. From hiking the surrounding trails and mountains, to visiting the local wineries and breweries, there are always plenty of activities for days and weekends off. I’ve been so grateful to be a part of the Charlottesville and UVA community. After chief year, I’m looking forward to pursuing a fellowship in Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

Meet Alex Jepsen, MD

I grew up in a suburb just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. I majored in neuroscience at BYU but soon realized that a career in bench research was not a great fit for me, and so instead I applied to medical school and was fortunate to be accepted at UT Health in San Antonio, Texas.

When I began to apply for residency, my wife and I wanted to find a place that would provide comprehensive training for me but also afford the best possible support for us and our 2 (now 3!) children. I knew little about UVA before my interview, but was immediately blown away by the quality of the educational conferences, the intelligence and camaraderie of the residents, and the work-life balance UVA provided. I ranked it number one and we were thrilled when we matched here.

I have found UVA to be everything I hoped it would be. Residency is extraordinarily demanding, but I have been supported by friends, colleagues, and mentors throughout. I wanted a residency where I would receive high-quality education and strong clinical training while at work, but also be allowed to leave the hospital when work was done and maximize my home time. UVA has done that for me – both professional and personal life are championed.

Living in Charlottesville has been a great environment for my family and me. It has a small town feel with the resources of a much larger city. In non-COVID times, we particularly enjoy the downtown mall, Carter Mountain, and eating out at various restaurants. With social distancing in place, we have been taking advantage of more of the outdoor venues like the Ivy Creek natural area, Monticello trail, and various other parks. I’m grateful for everything residency has provided me and am excited to give back to this program. After chief year, I plan to continue my career as an Academic Hospitalist.

Meet Alex Zimmet, MD

Alex Zimmet MD photoI was born and raised in Tampa, FL and went north to Johns Hopkins University for college, where I studied Biology and Spanish. I moved to Charlottesville for medical school at UVA. I met my wife (a biomedical engineer) while we were both in school in Baltimore, we married at the end of my intern year, and are currently expecting the birth of our first child, Luke, in August this year!

I was drawn to Charlottesville and UVA by the academic excellence of the institution and the collegial nature of its people. I sensed there was something “different” and unique about this place – I was right. When I rotated on Internal Medicine, I was overwhelmed by how incredible the residents were as physicians, teachers, and people. The esprit de corps was palpable. When the time came to choose a residency program, I knew I wanted to be a part of the same group of residents that drew me to internal medicine to begin with. After three years of residency, I can confidently say you will not find a program that melds rigorous training, quality education, and work-life balance any better than UVA. I have found incredible and lasting friendships with my co-residents along with invaluable mentorship from the attendings here. These amazing people have helped me grow in knowledge, in skills as a researcher and patient advocate, and simply as a human being.

UVA provides a training environment that will mold you into an astute clinician who knows how to think about your patients, connect with them on a personal level,  engage with the medical literature and practice evidence-based medicine, and take care of yourself outside of work. We take pride in having an open and honest culture, one that will keep you tuned in to the human side of medicine and mitigate burnout. This program will provide you with the ultimate environment for this time of intense personal and professional growth, and I cannot be more happy or grateful to have had the opportunity to train here.

In our time outside of work, my wife and I enjoy hiking the seemingly endless trails that surround Charlottesville, playing sports, and board game nights with friends. After chief year, I plan to apply for a fellowship in Infectious Diseases.