Chief Residents 2017-18

Meet Jackie Brown

Jacqueline Brown, MD

I am originally from a very small town in central New York, with one stoplight (no, this is not a figure of speech). I went to Colgate University for college and moved slightly westward to the University of Rochester for medical school. Despite having no prior connections south of the Mason-Dixon line, I listened when a trusted mentor recommended UVA as a good fit for me. It was the best decision I’ve made.

It may sound overly simplified, but I knew that I needed to be surrounded by people who are smart, nice, and hardworking — it was clear that triad was in abundance in the UVA program, even from my interview, and it has held true for the last three years as well. I wanted a program with rigorous clinical training, a structured research curriculum, and the opportunity for formal training as a clinician-educator. I found all three in our program and feel exquisitely prepared for my future in academic medicine.

As for connections below the Mason-Dixon, I have them in abundance now. I met my fiancé, Connor (a radiology resident), here at UVA and will be forever grateful for that. In my free time, you can find me hanging out with pals on the Downtown Mall at Fridays After Five, running on the Monticello trail, or playing third base for our residency softball team (we have a lot of heart, if not always a winning record). I don’t think you’ll find a group of people more committed to developing themselves as exceptional physicians while maintaining a balance with life outside of the hospital, or a program more supportive of that endeavor. I’m thrilled to be staying on for another year. After chief year, I look forward to pursuing a fellowship in hematology/oncology. (See Jackie’s profile on Medicine Matters)

Meet Matt Gottbrecht

Matthew Gottbrecht, MD

I grew up in Hanover, Massachusetts, a small town about twenty minutes south of Boston. I spent most of my childhood idolizing Pedro Martinez and Nomar Garciaparra and wondering if the Red Sox would ever win a World Series (spoiler alert: they did). I went to Wake Forest for undergrad, where I majored in physics. After college, I spent a year living in South Boston and working as a physics assistant in radiation oncology. I then went to UMass Medical School where I met my wife Laura (now an Ob/Gyn resident here at UVA). I still remember our excitement after opening the envelopes on match day. While on the interview trail I realized that most large academic centers offered a quality education and diverse patient population; for me, what set UVA apart was the camaraderie among residents, the approachability of the faculty, and Charlottesville itself. I was struck by how genuinely happy the residents were and how passionate they were about their work, both clinical and scholarly.

Charlottesville has been the perfect fit for Laura and me; it is just so easy to live here. Whether you’re interested in US history, live music, ACC basketball, fine wine, or the great outdoors, you can find it all within 20 minutes of downtown. In our free time, we enjoy going on hikes with our dog Otto, golfing, and kicking back at one of the outstanding local restaurants or wineries with our co-residents. After chief year, I plan to pursue a fellowship in cardiology. (See Matt’s profile on Medicine Matters)

Meet Samir Panvelker

Samir Panvelker, MD

I was born in Pittsburgh (go Steelers, Penguins, Pirates!) and lived briefly in New Jersey before moving down to Florence, South Carolina, where I spent my formative years acclimating to the South. I majored in anthropology at the University of South Carolina (go Gamecocks!) before moving to Charlottesville for medical school in 2010; I’ve lived here ever since.

I loved the internal medicine program as a medical student – residents were so intelligent and friendly, and I remember hoping I would turn out as good as they were. Three years later, I can honestly say residency at UVA has been everything I imagined. I’ve learned so much, feel capable of handling almost anything, and I’ve made some amazing friends along the way. I’m excited to stay on for a chief year, but it is a little bittersweet to see many of my classmates leave town for some truly incredible fellowships and jobs.

Charlottesville has made for a great home these last seven years. I enjoy hiking in Shenandoah, trying out new restaurants, drinking at local breweries, and playing with my dog – don’t worry, you’ll see plenty of pictures of Berry during interview season. Following chief year, I’m excited to begin a fellowship in endocrinology. (See Samir’s profile on Medicine Matters)

Meet Meredith Pearson

Meredith Pearson, MD

I grew up in Virginia Beach and have remained a Virginian ever since. I graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in biomedical engineering and then moved to Richmond to attend medical school at Virginia Commonwealth University. On the residency interview trail, UVA stood out to me not only because of its active academic atmosphere, but because of how happy and friendly the residents and attendings were. There was nowhere else I visited that appeared to have that level of camaraderie, education, and clinical training, all of which has certainly proved true. My colleagues constantly impress me with their unassuming intelligence and selfless, hardworking attitudes, and I truly enjoy working on a team with these people nearly every day.

Living in Charlottesville again, but this time outside of my “undergraduate bubble,” has been such a fun experience. I live within walking distance to the downtown mall, which my fiance, Brian, and I take advantage of frequently, whether it’s for dinner and drinks, checking out a concert, or grabbing fresh produce at the City Market. The area is also great for being active, as there are innumerable sites with beautiful scenery for hikes and runs (and plenty of breweries for when you’re done). I’m very excited to work more with the program this year as a chief resident, and afterwards I’m planning a fellowship in gastroenterology. (See Meredith’s profile on Medicine Matters)