Tony Filiano publishes breakthrough in Nature

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Congratulations to Tony Filiano, Research Associate in the Kipnis Lab, who published his paper “Unexpected role of interferon-γ in regulating neuronal connectivity and social behavior” in Nature. To read his article and learn more about his impressive work, visit the Nature Journal page here.

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  1. Dayna Krueger says:

    I have a son dx’ed w/ autism at age 3. He is now 25. He has already been dx’d with 2 autoimmune diseases, Graves disease-age 16 (thyroid has been radioablated texas children’s hosp), and eosinophilic esophagitis age 23 (ER for stricture/biopsies taken). Fascinating research! have always thought it was all related. He had genetic testing (baylor college medicine gentic center age 16); nothing specific found at that time. Please let me know if we can be of any help. Are there any national data bases regarding this?

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