Research in the Eyo Lab is focused on understanding microglial activity in neurodevelopment and neurodevelopmental pathologies. Microglia have emerged as critical cellular players in brain development. Yet our understanding of the specific mechanistic and molecular contributions employed by microglia in regulating proper development of the brain are in its infancy. Our lab’s objective is to begin to identify and elucidate the mechanisms by which microglia regulate normal brain development and determine the reactivity and contributions provided by microglia during abnormal brain development either in injury or disease. Active areas of research include:

  • Microglial P2Y12 roles in neural development and function.
  • Microglial-neuronal interactions in development.
  • Microglial roles in neurovascular development and function.
  • Microglial reactivity and contributions to pediatric epilepsies, neonatal hypoxia/ischemia and    developmental models of neurodegeneration.
  • Microglial involvement in neurodevelopmental disorders.