Kevin S. Lee, Ph.D.

Kevin Lee, Ph.D., UVA Researcher

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Research Description

Our laboratory is interested in mechanisms of, and treatments for neuronal injury. A multidisciplinary approach has been undertaken to elucidate how neurons are destabilized in these neurological disorders. Knowledge from our basic investigations is then utilized to develop and test specific therapeutic strategies for rescuing damaged neurons. Several lines of investigation are currently underway in the laboratory, including:

  1. Mechanisms of stroke-related injury and development of novel therapeutic strategies for limiting injury.
  2. Evaluation of neuroinflammatory mechanisms contributing to persistent cognitive dysfunction after cardiopulmonary bypass surgery.  Testing of anti-neuroinflammatory therapeutics for preventing and/or reversing cognitive decline.
  3. Characterizing of the developmental underpinnings of cortical malformations and identification of physiological mechanisms contributing to seizures.
  4. Evaluation of neuroinflammatory events contributing to glioblastoma multiforme, which is an aggressive brain tumor that is rapidly and invariably lethal.


List of Publications