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Lesion closure in E18 Utricles treated with Y-27632

Wound closure in E18 Utricles treated with 1uM Cytochalasin B

Closure of lesions in E18 Utricles

GFP Actin Mouse Movie

Inner ear sensory organs from transgenic mice that express a γ-actin-GFP fusion protein (Fischer et al., 1998; Fischer et al., 2000) exhibit intense fluorescence in structures that are F-actin-rich. Movie shows the 3D rendering of a confocal stack acquired from an intact, live utricle, shortly after dissection from the ear of a γ-actin-GFP mouse. The stack is centered on the apical surface of the sensory epithelium. F-actin-rich stereocilia bundles protrude from the surface of hair cells, and circumferential bands of F-actin line the apical junctions of neighboring supporting cells.