September 2021, US News and World Report

Could Cholesterol Help Drive Alzheimer’s Disease?

September 2021, NBC12 News

UVA Research shows cholesterol key driver of development of Alzheimer’s disease

January 2020, Washington Post

Picture of a woman drawing liquid into a syringe

Five Myths About Diabetes



January 2019, BBC

Picture of a woman drinking

Is Juicing Actually Good For You?



June 2018, Virginia Center on Aging

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Dr. Ferris is a Sullivan Alzheimer’s and Related Diseases Research Award Fund recipient



May 2017, UVA Medicine Matters

Heather Ferris, MD, Joins UVA Endocrinology from Boston’s Joslin Diabetes CenterPicture of Heather Ferris



May 2017, The Ross Kaminsky Show

Picture of Ross Kaminsky

Audio: Dr. Heather Ferris about why you should step away from the juice bar



April 2017, Washington Post

Washington Post iStock - Picture of fruit and juice

People think juice is good for them. They’re wrong.