Patient Experience

Patients visiting the Voice and Swallowing Center at the University of Virginia will typically meet a whole team of providers dedicated to solving their medical needs. In addition to the doctor, this often includes a speech-language pathologist specifically trained in voice and swallowing rehabilitation, a resident physician, nurse practitioner, and nurse. The first visit may include a detailed exam of the voice and larynx (voice box). Using the latest high-definition video technology, our team can get a comprehensive evaluation of the vocal cords and surrounding tissues to identify problems. Vocal rehabilitation is provided by our specialty-trained speech pathologists and immediately accessible in the same office location. We also offer cutting-edge procedures right in the clinic, saving many patients general anesthesia and a trip to the operating room. Overall, this allows for one-stop-shopping for many patients that require specialized diagnostic tests, procedures, and voice/swallowing rehabilitation. We strive to give each patient the kind of care normally available only to well-known performers.


Laryngology and Voice Care

We treat ear, nose and throat problems in people who use their voices extensively, including Singers,  Clergy, Call center employees, Teachers/professors, Coaches, Docents, and more.

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