Externships & Internships

Graduate Externships

The Department of Dentistry has long been a popular site for externs from Dental Schools and Hygiene Schools who have contracts with UVA.  UVA students may elect from 2 to 6-week externships through University Internship Program. During the externship, students work under the supervision of Department of Dentistry faculty who hold clinical appointments at the student’s school of dentistry.  For more information call General Practice Resident Coordinator at 434.924.8472

Undergraduate Internships

Department Faculty and Residents act as mentors for UVA undergraduate students acting as volunteers and interns in the clinics, as they learn more about the field of Dentistry in preparation for their eventual School of Dentistry training.  Internship opportunities are available for UVA fourth-year students at the University of Virginia. Interested students should contact the University Internship Program.

Students can get valuable experience through Madison House and may explore opportunities a the Free Clinic which has a medical, dental and pharmacy staff they can shadow/assist.

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