Assessment Subcommittee

Assessing the NxGen Curriculum

The Assessment Subcommittee reports to the Curriculum Committee and is responsible for the overall assessment philosophy for the NxGen Curriculum and establishes guidelines and standards for assessment throughout the entire curriculum. This group ensures that reliable and valid assessment methods are used to assess the knowledge, skills and attitudinal/behavioral domains, and establishes passing standards for all assessments.

The subcommittee regularly reviews the equivalence of assessment across all instructional sites and comparability of educational outcomes. Recommendations from this subcommittee must go to the Curriculum Committee for final review and approval.

The membership is expertise-based, without term and currently includes the following voting members:
  • Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education, ex-officio
  • Associate Dean for Curriculum, ex-officio
  • Director of Assessment, ex-officio, chair
  • Three system leaders with expertise in assessment
  • Director of Academic Enhancement Services
  • Assistant Dean for Clinical Skills Education, ex-officio
  • Student Affairs representative, ex-officio
  • Senior Advisor for Educational Affairs, ex-officio