Phase 1 Subcommittee

This subcommittee is responsible for developing goals and learning objectives (supporting the education program objectives), instructional methods, and methods of assessment for the individual systems and courses. Duties also include the coordination and both horizontal and vertical integration of curricular threads, including basic science and clinical content within and across courses in the pre-clerkship phase.

The subcommittee engages in continuous curricular review, revision, and innovation. The co-chairs (2) are elected by the group’s member and serve for 3 years with a single renewable term. Meetings are held monthly. All recommendations from this subcommittee must be reviewed and approved by the Curriculum Committee.

The membership consists of:

  • System Leaders, ex-officio, voting
  • Director of Foundations of Clinical Medicine-1, ex-officio, voting
  • Director of Social Issues in Medicine, ex-officio, voting
  • Director of Patient-Student Partnership, ex-officio, voting
  • Thread Leaders, ex-officio, non-voting
  • Associate Dean for Curriculum, ex-officio, non-voting
  • Director of Evaluation, ex-officio, non-voting
  • Education Technology Support Director, ex-officio, non-voting
  • Senior Advisor for Educational Affairs, ex-officio, non-voting

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